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Mechanicuss #4310

Come discuss your thoughts on the new admech rules. Like rangers guns being heavy, kastelan protocols and anything that comes to mind
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laam999 #4358

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Personally I think we've been hit with the NERF bat too many times. Dragoons where looking fun to use again but removing CORE took away a lot of their capability.

I'm going to have my first event of 9th on the 19th (I'll play more games then than I will have so far in 9th lol)

I'm going to run a defence cohort with 10 robots and 12 breachers, the -1 damage and object on robots makes it look hard to shift and both fists and Hclaws can hit v hard in melee if someone tried to bully you off.

I'm expecting to loose all 3 games as I have so little practice of 9th but it'll be fun.

I also think the neutron laser should ignore invulns as if you read the fluff nothing stops it, and I was hoping crawlers would get tank squad but instead they got their forcefield NERFed.

Overall I think we have a good fluffy codex but the competitive scene has made it v hard to do well in casual games (IMO) without taking the META lists.
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