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pawl #153

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So I'm keeping track of all official GW/BL novels, novellas and short stories that I read!
A check marks something finished, a book is something I'm currently reading, and no mark is something that's just on the list. Additionally a bookmark will show anything I've read a physical copy of, rather than an ebook (I have physical copies of plenty of the HH books, but it's often easier to read on my phone)

I've not included anything that I've read in the past, only recent reads.

Horus Heresy:

1 Horus Rising
The seeds of heresy are sown

2 False Gods
The heresy takes root

3 Galaxy in Flames
The heresy revealed

4 The Flight of the Eisenstein
The heresy unfolds

5 Fulgrim
Visions of Treachery

6 Descent of Angels
Loyalty and honour

7 Legion
Secrets and lies

8 Battle for the Abyss
My brother, my enemy

9 Mechanicum
Knowledge is power

10 Tales of Heresy
[Short story compilation]

11 Fallen Angels
Deceit and betrayal

12 A Thousand Sons
All is dust...

13 Nemesis
War within the shadows

14 The First Heretic
Fall to Chaos

15 Prospero Burns
The Wolves unleashed

16 Age of Darkness
[Short story compilation]

17 The Outcast Dead
The truth lies within

18 Deliverance Lost
Ghosts of Terra

19 Know No Fear
The battle of Calth

20 The Primarchs
[Novella compilation]

21 Fear to Tread
The angel falls

22 Shadows of Treachery
[Short story and novella compilation]

23 Angel Exterminatus
Flesh and iron

24 Betrayer
Blood for the Blood God

25 Mark of Calth
[Short story and novella compilation]

26 Vulkan Lives
Unto the Anvil

27 The Unremembered Empire
A light in the darkness

28 Scars
A Legion divided

29 Vengeful Spirit
The Battle of Molech

30 The Damnation of Pythos
Thinning the veil

31 Legacies of Betrayal
Let the galaxy burn

32 Deathfire
Into the Ruinstorm

33 War Without End
Heresy begets retribution

34 Pharos
The dying of the light

35 Eye of Terra
I am the Emperor's vigilance

36 The Path of Heaven
Riding out from the storm

37 The Silent War
Chosen of the Sigillite

38 Angels of Caliban
Emperors and slaves

39 Praetorian of Dorn
Alpha to omega

40 Corax

41 The Master of Mankind
War in the webway

42 Garro
Weapon of fate

43 Shattered Legions
[Short story and novella compilation]

44 The Crimson King
A soul divided

45 Tallarn
War for a dead world

46 Ruinstorm
Destiny unwritten...

47 Old Earth
To the Gates of Terra

48 The Burden of Loyalty
[Short story and novella compilation]

49 Wolfsbane
The wyrd spear cast

50 Born of Flame
[Short story, novella, & novel compilation]

51 Slaves to Darkness
Chaos undivided

52 Heralds of the Siege
[Short story compilation]

53 Titandeath
The God Machines cometh

54 The Buried Dagger
Doom of the Death Guard

55 The Solar War
Siege of Terra Book 1

56 The Lost and the Damned
Siege of Terra Book 2


1 Xenos

2 Malleus

3 Hereticus

4 The Magos

Dark Imperium:

1 Dark Imperium


Brutal Kunnin
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pawl #215

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Finished A Thousand Sons last night. Nemesis next, and then I think maybe something not HH related.
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pawl #222

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Nemesis down, and it was quite refreshing to read something that wasn't purely power-armour-based. Not sure what I'll open tomorrow, but I'm still thinking I might move away from the Heresy for a novel or two. Going to stick with the Black Library though, because I'm still enjoying it for now.
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pawl #223

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Jumping forward in time a bit today and starting this 😁
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pawl #225

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Took a little longer than I expected, struggled with this one a bit. Still, onwards! Not sure what I'll be picking up tomorrow though.
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pawl #494

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Finished The First Heretic this evening after a week or so of not reading. Wasn't the biggest fan of the writing for some reason, struggled a liitle at times, but back to Dan Abnett now and Prospero Burns. πŸ‘Œ
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James #505

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How you finding the book? I usually love dan abnetts stuff but I have to say i found that book a real chore.. but then online some people say it's the best... but then also heard abnett was going through some health issues at the time of writing! Either way I found the hauser guy and general set up of it really painful to follow.
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pawl #510

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Almost finished it already, smashed through this one! Really enjoyed it, like his take on the Wolves. Another Legion (chapter, whatever) that I hadn't paid anywhere near as much attention to before as I should have! Almost want to start a 30k force! πŸ˜‚ to be fair though I've always been a fan of Abnett's, don't think he's let me down once so far!
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James #518

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Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I need to give it another chance πŸ˜‚ perhaps I'd read too many in a row at that point.
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pawl #520

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Especially after struggling with the last one it was just a really nice change of pace. Helps that I like Abnett's writing style, but I found Prospero Burns really enjoyable.
Compilation book with some solid names in next, too πŸ‘
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