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James #2604

I know that quite a few of us including @DW1986 and @Stephen all have our little Bio-Titans keeping our hobby stations warm. Thought we could share some pics!
Tofu is on the left and Truffle is on the right.
He (tofu) isnt too fussed about miniatures but does like to interrupt paint sessions and get cat hair into all of my miniatures.
She (Truffle) is less interested in paint sessions but will try and run away with unguarded bits and paint brushes whenever possible.
Also worst occasion was in the garden stripping miniatures with Iso when i had to grab Truffle to stop her escaping the garden, by doing so i covered her in iso 😬😬
I then had to get into the shower with her to make sure the Iso was off her!!! Thankfully that was like 7 months ago and shes still fine πŸ˜‚

Please share all bio titan varieties 😁
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