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For anything unrelated to the hobby.
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Axineton #3186

So what music are we all in to then? Me? I’m from that era of the 90s that had two distinct sounds in this country. You either listened to britpop and indie or you listened to dance music. I listened to dance music from about 1990 to today. I blame my mum as it was her who got me into it. And by the time I was 16 in 1993 I’d left 40K behind and was embarking on a journey of going raving in fields and nightclubs right up until March 2000 when my son was born. After that I calmed down a lot and the last big event I went to was the big beach boutique 2 on Brighton beach back in 2002 I think it was. I’ve been out to smaller events and also DJ’d at a few places hear and there but I prefer mixing indoors or at my friends house.

As for what I play on the wheels of steel it varies. I play a lot of mid nineties trance as that is my favourite genre. I’ll also play current progressive psytrance and I’ll dabble with a little techno too.

I completely missed out on other music from the nineties and before because I was so hooked on dance music until around 2003 when I completely fell out of love with it and needed new music to listen to. I found Led Zeplin and the Rolling Stones and then found more I missed out on over the years where I have a really eclectic taste now. I’ll pretty much listen to anything unless it’s some nutter screaming down a mic. Also not a big fan of pop music in its current iteration. I don’t think I’ve listened to many current pop songs and I could probably count on one hand how many I enjoy.

So after waffling on what’s everyone else into?

Here’s an example of the psytrance stuff if you’ve never heard it:

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Pharia #3192

Tbh I could probably list allmost every type of music:p it varies a lot :p but 70s and 80s rock ;) maiden, metallica zeplin, guns and Roses and more. 90s its more grundge rock :p not so much the other wierd stuff "" haha. 2000+ a lot.... depends really what im doing tbh. If im on the computer then its a lot of electronica, bass and drums and the sort. Even skrillex....

But the one I love the most is rock fro. The 70s and 80s ;)
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pawl #3202

According to both my old last.fm profiles, my top artists are something like this:

Nirvana, AC/DC, Frank Turner, Beans on Toast, Eminem, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Stone Sour, Flogging Molly, Thunder

I would say that it's a relatively accurate idea of what I listen to, although I've not tracked my music in years.

Nirvana were the first band that made me really notice music. Iron Maiden were the first band I ever obsessed over. AC/DC will forever be the best band in the world (and a stunning live show!), but Metallica never really excited me. I've been fortunate enough to see most of my favourites, many several times. AC/DC, Sabbath, Aerosmith, GnR, Maiden, Saxon, Motörhead, Priest, Foo Fighters, Springsteen, Leppard being among the bigger names. Met some of the slightly smaller artists too, which was cool.
My habits tend to focus around rock and metal (of whatever varieties you want to call them), some of the many 'folk' inspired sounds, I'm surprised that there's no country in the list, and I'm not impartial to a little rap either. =]
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James #3204

I find these days im only listening to music either in the car or whilst I'm doing lockdown workouts and using youtube on the t.v..

If it's in the car tends to be classical stuff and me and the mrs love Ludovico Einaudi.
If its workout it really varies to allsorts.. But recently listening to mcbess, dan croll, the shins, grimes, dadi freyr (Iceland eurovision guy 🤣) but it changes and ill go through rock/metal and or dance/electronica at times.

Growing up it was nirvana, radiohead, Rem and the pixies. I managed to go to glasto when radiohead and rem were headlining but i was only 16 so abit too young to make the most of it.. but tbh maybe that's a good thing, the last festival i did was castlepalooza in ireland, tiny festival, i barely saw any music and just partied the whole time 🤣
I have a guilty pleasure for stuff my dad was into which is things like Jethro Tull and modern blues like reverend Payton.

Axe, I'll have a listen to this trance stuff for next workout 😂 cool that your DJing!!!

Pharia, i saw maiden live a decade ago, even as not a big fan it was pretty awesome!

Pawl, i could never get into acdc... dont know why 🤣
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Axineton #3211

Looks like we all have eclectic tastes. Great stuff! @pawl my son likes most of the bands you listed. I have no idea where he gets the metalhead from as his mum is into her r&b and I’ve listed what I like here lol! He has expressed an interest in learning how to DJ though so I’m probably gonna show him the ropes sooner or later.

@James I do have a DJ page with a load of mixes here if your interested:


I have 33 mixes uploaded at the moment. Due to do another one soon.
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pawl #3216

You wait until @Stephen turns up 😂

R&B as in old rhythm and blues, or the newer thing that's closer to dance and hip-hop? If the former then rock and metal are pretty much the same thing, just plugged into an amplifier! 😁
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Axineton #3217

The new hip hop r&b 😂 I hate it but she loves it. My boy hates it too 🤣
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pawl #3227

Axineton wrote: 01 Mar 21, 18:17 The new hip hop r&b 😂 I hate it but she loves it. My boy hates it too 🤣
Ah. Not quite my cup of tea either 😂
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Stephen #3314

pawl wrote: 01 Mar 21, 17:32 You wait until @Stephen turns up 😂
If its noise, I probably have a playlist on it.

Generally at the moment i float between;

-UK Grime, Rap (in its various forms)
-Drumstep/Dubstep, DnB, AcidTechno/AcidTrance, Jungle, Raggatek (basically anything EDM)
-Ska, Blues, Reggae

Basically anything from the 30s onwards floats my boat :grinning:

I believe @James has gotten me into like 15-1700s lute-ballads. Jokes on you James, I love all music.

I had a bad year on Spotify last year and only listened to 40,000 minutes of music.
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