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pawl #71

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The Warp Storm isn't quite finished being built yet, but it's getting there!
We've got a trello board for the actual list of jobs, but this is some of the stuff on it.
If you happen to find anything that @Stephen, @James or I have missed then please let us know!

Rewrite dark mode css
@Stephen is currently working on this. The boards' dark mode ('Nightstalker') currently doesn't look that great, so we're going to re-write the css for it. I will also be adjusting the forum indicators (for new posts) so that they display better on a dark background. This is now mostly done. It's probably not perfect though, so let me know if there's any obvious issues!

A few permissions fixes
A few more permission fixes

Badge awards
The board has an award system, but I'm not entirely happy with the actual design of the awards. In particular I'm struggling to get them to display correctly on both smaller and larger screens (desktop browsers load them fuzzily) as I can't make svg files.

Think I've finally got these nailed down! 😁

Profile and in-post miniprofile
Yes, I know these both need work still. I started the work on these live before I had a proper testing setup (professional, I know!) but I'll get them looking good, don't worry.
These are now 90+% done for the time being. Possibly a couple of minor tweaks, but they'll not change much.
Basically finished, aside from adding an Instagram field in the social networks options.

Better header image
The whole header is being replaced with a carousel. Implementation soon! Partially implemented!

We're fairly happy with this for now!

Icons for Gen Hobby/product reviews

Making notifications easier to see on mobile
Currently on mobile there are two menus that need opening to see your notification count. My intention is to make them always visible, like on larger displays.

Done! Look here for details.

Adding video demonstration to guide
Basically most videos are displayed automatically just from posting the link, but I need to add this to the guide
(as well as give the whole thing a bit of an update)

Changing header layouts

Quick tag not working properly
The quick tag feature only produces a bold name, rather than a tagged name.

Get emails working again
Currently the board doesn't send out emails when it should, and I'm not sure why.


Probably a load of other things we haven't found yet...

Forum software upgrade - phpBB have released a slightly newer version of their software than we're running, however this is intentional. The newest release isn't as stable as the one we're running, and has bugs that are still being worked out.

Server upgrade - when I have the money spare I'll be moving us to a new hosting provider, using a custom setup that is specifically designed to work for our software. There's some back-end stuff that I can't do currently which the move will allow. Nothing you'll notice, but at some point in the future there may be brief downtime while we move.
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pawl #1402

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So the Ork forum definitely needs looking at - the icon isn't as pretty as I previously thought 😂
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James #1404

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Haha I like it! Nice to see it lit up too!
I think the general hobbying one needs more attention since it doesn't light up 🤣
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pawl #1407

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It needs a tweak still I think.

And it actually does! It's light for no new, darker for new. The darker colour is about the same as the light colour for the others though, so you don't notice it.
I need to sort something out for it but I've not yet had an idea that I like 😩
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James #1409

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I think the problem is that the work in progress icon is going to kind of cross over with whatever would be appropriate for general hobby ... But maybe something like this
Or perhaps use the wip icon as the gen hobby one and something like this for wip
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pawl #1415

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That's basically the problem that I've had!
Leave it with me, I'll get it eventually!
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James #1428

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@pawl recent posts look to have dissapeared for me from the bottom of the mobile screen on the homepage.
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pawl #1430

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That was intentional, but not necessarily permanent.
I use it currently to see if there is anything new since I last visited, but as we get busier it can be assumed that there will always be new posts - possibly dozens or even hundreds between visits - so it wouldn't be effective, which would mean it had almost no purpose.
Getting rid sooner rather than later just means that less people will be affected by the change.

For what it's worth if you want a quick look (rather than using the indicators next to each forum) there are links in the nav bar, under Forum.

Unread posts is just that - anything you haven't read (ever, so in time this could be a big list!)
Active topics is a list of topics that have recently been posted in
New posts shows anything posted since you were last on the site
Unanswered topics is why topic with zero replies (again, ever)

If the majority want the old display back then I'm happy to return it though. =]
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James #1434

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Makes sense now I think about it!
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pawl #1605

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Just a minor one - I've updated the header title slightly to reflect the change in 40k logo for 9th edition.
Any feedback, let me know!

I've also adjusted a couple of forum icons - some just when there's unread posts, some both read and unread. I'll let you figure out which 😜
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