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Pharia #3007

Hello. Been thinking about starting to make my own terrain pieces. We got lots of ruined buildings and stuff... but what were missing are mostly hills and the like. Im working at a hardware store. Mostly timber materials and insulation stuff. Been looking at some videos on using Styrofoam to make different kinds of hills. But as I'm thinking more and more on the issue I'm wondering what to use for different things.

1: can I use essve akrylfog flex 10% as a sealer?
Its basically a akryl glue of sorts but for construction purposes;)

2: a cheaper paint source as I will use a bunch :S like artist acrylic for instance...

3: grass and gravel substitute for gw brands. Aswell i will use a bunch :s

Anyone here have any experience on this subject.
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James #3009

Hey mate
Not done any lately.
I did do some back in the day.
Which would be layers of cardboard and then covered with polyfiller.
Imagine styrofoam might be a nicer way of doing it though.
Id have a look at lukes aps channel and site.
Hes really good with terrain and stuff! And also a pretty funny guy.

One thing id say, if your going to flock it all. Probably just get a rattlecan spray to undercoat it 😀 be alot easier hah
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Pharia #3010

Any idea if the acrylic "sealer" would work ?
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James #3011

Hmm no idea 🤔 i guess varnish wouldn't be enough?

Pharia #3017

Well it would ofc. Was looking for something that lasted longer. A small bottle of varnish over a big area.... I would use up a bottle after a few pieces :p Allso a varnish.... wouldn't you loose the texture feeling of it all? Dunno...
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pawl #3018


This might help?
Just a quick reply, but you should be able to use any kind of cheap craft paint, and watered down PVA in a spray bottle is good for sealing stuff. 👌
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