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pawl #975

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So when I decided to jump back into the hobby I had to go shopping, as all my supplies were out of reach. Many, many pounds worth of brushes, clippers, blades, files, paints and other tools later I sat down with some plastic and got to work. I then realised that I already needed more paint. About seventeen shades of purple later and I was happy. Then I needed more paint again. Or there was a medium I wanted to try. Then basing materials...

The list seemed endless until I recently made an order and thought "yep, I've got my scheme sorted once the paint I have on order arrives. There's still some bits I'll need down the line (colours I don't need immediately, varnishes, high-quality brushes etc), but otherwise I'm sorted."

How foolish I was! Pigments are a thing, and I want them all. Enamels & oils are now something that I'm willing to dip my toe into (not literally!) thanks in part to @Lovecraft0110. Then I go and remember that flourescent paints exist, and I want a couple for various reasons. And now I've found out that Vallejo have an insanely good range of metallics that I have to try out before I can really continue with my scheme! 😩

Is it just me, or is the list of things trying to bankrupt a hobbyist never-ending?
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James #997

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Haha I know what exactly what you mean... I always feel like my list is coming down but things always seem to sneak on... Not helping with @Lovecraft0110 showing what can be done with weathering!! That's definitely now onto my list....

This hobby is definitely something where you'll never be finished.
I think current list is..
Indomitus box
New fabius bile
New ragnar model
Vertus praetors custodes
Primaris eliminators
Khorne berserkers (after seeing how insane the stats look for 9th edition)
Maybe a telemon dread if I'm feeling mad.

Green stuff world roller
Distress crackle clear candy
Chipping fluid
2x enamel washes
Enamel thinner
Some sort of better airbrush mask
Maybe another pigment

So really my list is pretty small atm.. especially when I went abit nuts last month and got all that awesome chaos stuff..
But I think when 9th comes out it'll expand abit... especially if death guard get the expected new models... and if I decide to get sucked into starting a necron army....
I think my plan is to get indomitus but not actually use anything until jobs stuff is abit more secure... if I end up unemployed I can sell it but this way I don't miss out incase it sells out straight away!!
What's on your full list?
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pawl #1004

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Well here's what I've currently got on order waiting for stock...
(yes, I keep placing orders!)

There's still more to add, too. Plenty in the way of paint (including more of the Vallejo Metal Color range if they turn out to be good), pigments, thinners/mediums/similar, I would love a set of the Artis Opus Series S, and seemingly more that I see on a daily basis! πŸ˜‚
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James #1006

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Haha wow. That's alot on the way!!! I'm only waiting for the colour shifting paints and another paint from element.. but I don't really need them yet so it's not an issue.
I made the plunge just now on the weathering stuff
Also some aclad gloss black primer (apparently required for colour shifters but we'll test that.)
And I've got some ak interactive airbrush masking putty. Which I think is going to be pretty essential going forwards. I don't think I can afford the green stuff roller this month πŸ˜ͺ
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pawl #1009

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It's because I keep seeing things and deciding that I simply have to have them! πŸ™ˆ if I had it space there would probably be another 150-200 on top of that (a hundred just in AO brush sets), but that's for another day!

I think the gloss undercoat just helps to keep the shinier effect of the paint. I would imagine that after you've sealed you might have to re-gloss it, too.

Is that the stuff that looks kinda like blu-tac for masking?
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James #1011

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Haha those brushes would be incredible. I'm also excited for when mine die and I require a new one. I can't believe the difference between the r&c one and the army painter and gw ones.. (which were replaced fairly recently).

Yeah I think so. Re gloss. I think what I'll do is do a batch undercoated in black. White. Silver. Gloss black. For each different colour I get. And we can see what the difference is.

Yeah it's the black blue tack. I've seen lovecraft using it in his vids too. You could probably get away with not needing it for space marines that only have one colour. But itll give you the ability to target little parts with little risk. When I did the bloat drone there's bits around the edges where it's abit weak because I couldn't risk overspill between the flesh and green parts!
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pawl #1014

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When I'm feeling a little richer I'll be investing in the S brushes I think, although I wouldn't mind the D Series either. In the meantime I need to teach myself to use larger brushes more often - when I was younger I was convinced I had to use smaller brushes for anything even slightly detailed, and the smaller belly just leads to dried paint and damaged brushes. Focusing more on my AP Regiment brush has made a surprising difference.

Some sprue/sparepart tests with different undercoats would be nice πŸ‘

Does it not lose its 'stick' when it's been painted on? For now I'm going to just be relying on masking tape - have some Tamiya stuff on the way, and also found some in a craft shop πŸ‘Œ
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Lovecraft0110 #1015

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Hahahahah, I just wanted to say that you guys made me snort beer out of my nose with the "dip my toes into enamel" comment. Quite literally in my case...:joy:

I'm also really chuffed that some of my vids have inspired you guys, even if it means a shopping spree...:grinning:

Speaking of which, have I mentioned AMMO's Oilbrushers yet? :innocent: . Review/demo coming up on Friday! It could blow your minds!
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pawl #1018

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Glad to be of service 😁

I've long been in awe when I see pictures of properly weathered models, vehicles in particular, but actually seeing how it's done makes a difference. Especially when I can see that it's really not as complicated as I previously thought.
For now though I'll be holding off and focussing on infantry weathering - when I can afford an airbrush set-up I can look properly at vehicles. Back to work at the end of next month, so see how things go!

You've mentioned them, but I've no idea what they are! I'll not spoil the surprise though, I'll wait until Friday πŸ˜‰
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James #1020

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I'll be telling my Mrs it's all your guys fault why my bank account is so empty!!

I was looking at the oilbrushers and the brushstreakers was it? I thought they looked cool on one vid but I was more impressed by the vid for the "streaking rust effects" so I went for that instead. But the other ones did look cool... Hopefully I've not made the wrong choice 🀣
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