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Rules, announcements & legal bits.
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Sully #2470

Meet the staff

This topic serves four purposes: to tell you who we are, to tell you what we do, to tell you how we do it, and to tell you what to do if you think we've got it wrong.

Who are we?
The staff team comprises three groups.

Junior Moderators: @James

Senior Moderators: @Stephen

Administrators: @pawl

There's also me, @Sully, but as a Servo Skull I'm more of a board custodian than a staff member.

What do we do?
Each of the three staff groups have different levels of permissions on the board. These permissions are set globally, which means that staff can use their assigned powers in all areas of the board.

Junior Moderators have access to basic moderative functions like locking, splitting or moving topics and deleting content.

Senior Moderators have access to the full suite of moderative abilities, including both those above and additional functions like managing user warnings and bans.

Administrators have access to all moderative functions, as well as administrative functions. These are the 'behind the scenes' tools used to build, change and fix the board.

How do we do it?
The staff work to a set of guidelines laid out by the Administrators, and can take action where necessary to ensure that the board rules are being upheld.

In some cases temporary action may be taken while the staff discuss an issue. As an example, a topic may be locked or hidden while staff decide whether or what nature of action is required.

In the event that a member of staff takes action (be that locking a topic, issuing a warning etc) it is considered protocol for that staff member to announce what they have done, either publicly or privately as the situation dictates.

What if you don't agree with us?
There may be situations where you feel that a member of staff has done something you deem to be wrong or unfair. This is understandable and perfectly acceptable, so long as the matter is approached respectfully. You may even be right - @Sully is a servitor but the rest of us are merely human!

If you disagree with an action or are unsure why it has been taken, your first action should be to speak to the member of staff in question via private message.
Should you still wish to dispute a decision, you may ask a more senior member of staff (should there be one) either directly via private message or through your initial conversation.

In the event that a decision is disputed, the staff will discuss it privately before a ruling is made. This ruling is final and cannot be disputed - while generally we are happy to ask and listen to our members, the staff are still in a position of authority.
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