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ldubya344 #3414

Hi Guys,
thought I would start this thread to see what you guys use for objective markers?
In 8th Ed I used to use the GW coins you got at Warhammer World, but with the update to 40mm, I decided to do something a little different.
What do you guys use?
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ldubya344 #3415

Mine are all 3D objective markers as I love how it adds a bit more tactical thought rather than you just plonking your model on top of a coin.
My little family of objective markers are growing, currently 2 Dwarfs (because I absolutely love dwarfs) and Celenia's Sarcophagus, which is a themed battle sister marker.
I will also be working on a shrine for my Battle Sisters in the coming months.
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James #3416

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Very nice. How do they scale with sisters of battle? I definitely agree nicer to have stuff that isnt a coin!
I had some 3d printed coins but felt they were uninspiring. So a friend wanted me to do the ogroid for him (pictured in my avatar) and in exchange he bought me these 3d printed planty things! I guess i see these fitting well in any environment as a 40k death world plant on somewhre like "murder" or wouldbe fine in a fantasy environment.
Weve only done smaller battles so havent needed to use the larger ones which are slightly bigger than a primaris marine.
How do you use them in terms of blocking los etc? Do you give them actual terrain stats?
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