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Confirmed or fresh from the grapevine, it belongs in here.
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James #3495

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I think the standard bearer with the helmeted head looks epic.
Gw giving some serious love for sisters atm. Im jealous but then at the same time... my wallet is happier not needing to buy anything else right now 😂

Do we think they going to release a sob scenery unit thing??
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ldubya344 #3497

Sisters already have the battle sanctum and there are ruined walls which are identical to the samctum (I will be painting them in the next 6 months so I will show you when they are painted. :grin: ) so I doubt more terrain will be dropped.

I am also loving the support. At the moment sisters are super strong, but we are very clearly outdated (as with most armies) for 9th.

The bast way to shut a sisters army down is to do melee better.
We have lots of strong melee units at the moment, but all suffer with various weaknesses, mostly toughness, or if not, some units struggle with saves (eclissiarchy/ mortifiers/ penitents.)

But admittedly, I can do gross things in melee (buff repentia to be 5 attacks, at S8, AP-4, D2 damage) but the inherent weakness is they have a 6+ and a 6++. So wafer thin.
So against death guard, they are just an auto no. T2 with effectively no save, nahhh 🤣

I can’t wait to see the future and I’m loving all of the releases so far, although banner lady NEEDS an alternate head, love the fact she is helmetless, but the hair is what really kills it for me.
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pawl #3501

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It's a little unclear but here's one with a helmet. They're moving the lifted-visor look at the minute!

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