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James #1086

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Hi guys

Saw this great review from "40k for Grownups" Facebook group of unboxing the new indomitus box set and a great review. Rob from 40k for adults has given me permission to repost it! Here goes. Thanks Rob!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1677846 ... 258746820/

"Good Afternoon Everyone!

Welcome to the Review of Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus.

Before we get into everything, I would like to say thank you to those at Lenton for the chance to see this before Launch. And I should point out that playing this game, In the climate we are in... has been difficult to say the least. We are not really out of lockdown fully in the UK, so it required some 'imaginative solutions' ... Damn Covid... But hey life is life.

Opening the box, of a new edition is ALWAYS for me very special moment, from the smell, to the pop of the box top coming off. Its a special time. And if what I had heard on other sites is true.... With this being limited edition.... I might not ever open an Indomitus box set again.

GW have advised us this is not a starter set... And looking at the models, its not, These models, you would not give to a newbie collector. It might even scare some people off the hobby. Well we can't get 8th anymore... So what are GW going to do?

I can honestly say I don't have an answer for you. Its not like the last week or two where I have to ignore most of the group otherwise I would let this slip... I actually don't know what they are going to do. I can imagine a simple solution would be to re releasing the Dark Imperium box set again with the rules for 9th. Just maybe a smaller book than the 'Tome' in this box set. *more on the new book later

The Models

Assembly of these models is very simple, painting them however... Take the Primaris... We have 3 Outrider Bikes, and 10 Assault Intercessors, those are fine and at a push the Eradicators too. Everything else is a high detail model. I have had the box set almost two weeks.... And I am not finished painting nowhere near.

I am a slow painter, I will own up to that fact, but it is compounded by these models. They make me feel like I need to treat these like they are all characters spending a week on each one... These are NOT starter models, I cannot stress this enough, and I can see now why right at the beginning GW owned up to this fact.

You have all seen these models, assembled and painted pushed all over the community page In many different liveries so I won't push mine on you. I however will be posting pictures of the un-assembled plastic from last week so you can see them but this will be on a separate post.

The Rules

9th Edition. *Edition 8.5...

I am both in awe at what they have done and totally disappointed. I suppose that is to be expected. This is not like the jump from 7th to 8th. Its a much finer incremental improvement. Probably 2 or 3 chapter approved worth of updates really.

I am disappointed because its not a new edition like we have been told, its just not, I feel like I am playing 8th when I am playing it. *The base game

It however is the pinnacle of what I wanted the game to be. Take this change for example - Unit Coherency.

You now need to be within 2 inches of 2 models for unit coherency? Its such a minor change. It however changes a lot of things moving forward. Changes how people play. No more stretching that squad out across half the battlefield.

Now take the changes to Command Points. Simply done, but huge Impact, no more gaming the system to get more and more command points.

They could of just included a 'The Most Important Rule 2' #Don't be a an ###.

The changes now make it so you can't be that dude. *until someone deep dives this book and find something I missed

I am struggling to find a rule change that they have not already told us about...

My point is, don't expect a vastly different game. Expect the game you know and love. The new rule book is a hefty book. But very little of this book is core rules. Very little indeed. * THIS IS A GOOD THING

The Core rules are free, why would I want my rule book to be 50% that?

The Book

Missions, Lore and Pictures its all very lovely... I have no complaints. I have tired some of the missions and they are very fun (not all I admit, there is so many of them). The layout is for me a vast improvement. The rules, new and old are all very well described, and to make it easier for me the include TL:DR bullet points as well.

I got very excited about the Hammerfall 'Drop Pod'. I think its amazing. no rules in here for it. But when what ever the release mechanism is for the rest of the Primaris rules are released, I hope the Hammerfall can have different weapons options also because it looks cool.

Maybe I have said too much about the Hammerfall as its not even part of this... moving on.


Welcome to your campaign system to end all systems. Its great fun to plan, really simple to use. And best of all, its YOUR campaign system. As long as you let your opponent know its a campaign army there is no reason that this army can't follow into 2021 growing as you do. Your opponent doesn't even have to be part of your normal play group (as long as they accept its a crusade match, your good to go) So with this you can dip in and out of many campaign systems.

I urge everyone. That even though you might not prefer power level matches. Crusade is the way to play the game now. *As long as you trust the person you are playing against . Play 40k with Power Level.

So yes I admit I play power level now. Its just easier. I can pick a force in a few minutes and be ready to go. I used to LOVE points, the thrill of squeezing everything I could out of a force by MIN/MAX. I have moved away from that now I really have. Even half way though 8th I was still using points. Now I am full into Power Level play.

I know I know, its up to everyone how they play their game.


Talking of points. GW, and even I so far in this review have made a big song and dance about it being a starter set. Tell me GW if its not a starter set, where are the points for these models??? It doesn't bother me because as mentioned before I play Power level now. But this has Irked me.

My first copy of 40k was 2nd edition. It was a starter set. Just like Black Reach, Dark Vengeance and the two mini start sets in 7th Death Storm and Storm Claw. I understood these were starter sets, and what that meant.

At present if you play with points the contents of this box set with a few exceptions are useless. They cannot be added piecemeal to another force. I Just don't get it GW. I just don't. *Lucky for me I don't play points now

I can imagine these are going to be in the new chapter approved books. Well I Hope they are (I don't yet have a copy of these)


Not the 40k time-line... as there is very little fluff movement in the new 40k (not enough in my opinion to actually need a new edition) *Ignore this I am still loving the big leap that 8th was. But it is exciting.

I'm talking about my timeline, in writing this review (which will probably be over the space of more than a week) Things have changed. Leaked photos of the Hammerfall turret have hit the internet (last night).. and then Blam! most of the rules from the book!

For those of you who still think GW control these leaks, they really do not. For those of us with advanced copies, it makes us VERY nervous. Someone has broken their agreement with GW not to share until a specific point. I'd like to take a moment to shout out to the rest of the community , who also have not released info until allowed... Thank you!


One thing I am seriously not impressed with is the chapter approved book coming out at the same time. I mean... Really? It couldn't of waited 6 months? I don't really know whats in there so I can't comment on what it is like. Please understand GW The new box set is already a big chunk of someones disposable income. Are you sure it couldn't wait till a bit later in the year.. Or you know, it of been free of charge on the community site? Everyone (mostly) accepted pay for the Index's when 8th Launched. The Index's were because it was a complete new game (pretty much). Its not often I have a gripe but I will for this.

Don't be old GW be and continue to be New GW please... Don't let it slide.


Almost everyone collects a loyal marine army.


If your one of those that don't, and you don't have a Necron force Stay well away from this box set. Its just not worth it. Its not a starter set. The free rules they put out will do for now and I am sure they will release a Rule book soon enough.

Thing is. If this is limited edition... EVERYONE else should make sure they have the pre-orders in. I am not kidding the deal that this represents is outstanding. *well unless its over Β£200

Its been a bit of a ramble, and no time for editing or luxury as spell check. This review can now been released earlier than planned.


Here are the pics too

That's a whole lot of plastic. Artwork looks amazing too.
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pawl #1088

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Their post seems to be private, so you might want to wrap the URL in [url] tags.

Interesting to see they're already being sent out for review. It looks like a serious box, too - a lot of plastic, and a lot of pretty pictures. Price dependant I was almost sold on getting one (and maybe even keeping the Necrons!), and this has done nothing to dissuade me!
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James #1089

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pawl wrote: ↑02 Jul 20, 17:56 Their post seems to be private, so you might want to wrap the URL in [url] tags.
Nice one that worked 😊

Yeah same here makes me think I definitely want it. The stuff about power points is interesting. Wonder if that will be the case in matched play at gaming stores.

Wait what... Pawl.. consider another army that isn't space marines 😯😯🀣🀣🀣🀣
But totally agree it all looks great. Quite excited!!
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pawl #1091

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I can't say I've read into the rules changes to be honest, but I was never a big player anyway. Don't want other people near my badly painted models! πŸ˜‚

I'll have you know that pawl also has plenty of bits for Orks and the Guard too, and also hasn't yet thought about selling the Nurgle half of Know No Fear 😜
To be fair, they're nice sculpts, and it would be something to distract me if/when I get bored if painting power armour!
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James #1092

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It looks quite good for the most part. Vehicles can't be locked in combat by one guy which I think is good. They've made melee alot better as I think the "meta" as they call it is for very shooty lists so it'll be nice to change the dynamic abit. Made the maps smaller too to encourage the above. The terrain and cover rules seem abit baffling but It'll make sense sooner or later.
Haha I always get sad when people don't look at mine 🀣🀣 like I'm here for the painting 🀣

Your models look good to me bud! Just need to see more πŸ˜‚

You got nurgle too πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ treat yourself by painting some poxwalkers lol. They should be easy bt I did them as one of my first and jeez had so many layers from me restarting them (before you taught how to "strip" haha). I'll post them next to the ones in doing now. Hilarious how little detail is left on them.
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pawl #1094

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I've seen some of the highlights, and watched one of the early streams, but I don't even know how the rules work in 8th, so it's wasted on me! (not even sure which edition I last learned the rules for - maybe 3rd or 4th? πŸ˜‚)

Looking at them (preferably online) is fine! I just know that I'm clumsy enough without other people touching them! πŸ˜‚

I can't paint them any time soon because that would mean buying even more paint! For now I'll be sticking to trying to get purple power armour into production, bolstered by all the lovely plastic in here!
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James #1096

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pawl wrote: ↑03 Jul 20, 00:10 I've seen some of the highlights, and watched one of the early streams, but I don't even know how the rules work in 8th, so it's wasted on me! (not even sure which edition I last learned the rules for - maybe 3rd or 4th? πŸ˜‚)
To be fair I've only actually played about 4 or 5 games. And I've never done more than 1000 points. Most games are like 1750 or 2000. So I'm still or was still learning 8th..

Haha don't worry I think other gamers respect other people's miniatures and atleast ask before grabbing them!! 🀣 I have heard nightmares of people stealing though.

Just seen something that may make you want to play with them sooner!
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pawl #1097

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I know, I just think I would be paranoid πŸ˜‚
That didn't take long! Might have to check out the AoS tip though, could prove useful. Already have plenty of RW bits too, and a small number of classic bikes to back them up. πŸ‘Œ
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James #1099

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Haha yeah everyone be rushing to get guides and stuff out as quick as possible now to be the first and get all the bits.
What's the aos tip? I saw the guy post the end result on of the group's with a link to the video but haven't seen it all yet.
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pawl #1100

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Makes sense. Some of what he did I was actually already planning, which is good.

Using bits from here - a raven and some feathers.
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