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For some of you this might be old news, but after making some updates tonight I thought a proper announcement topic was due: The Warp Storm has recently had a new feature added which allows you to add board-specific icons to your posts using a custom BBCode tag!
It is recommended that you clear your browser cache to ensure that you are using the most recently updated copy of the icons, as some users may have an old copy stored in their cache that won't automagically update for some time.

To display an icon you use the [tws] tag, like so:

[tws]dark_angels[/tws] -

These icons can be added to header tags, or modified using BBCode, shown below.

[post-h3]dark [tws]dark_angels[/tws] angels[/post-h3]
dark angels

[size=200][color=red]blood [tws]blood_angels[/tws] angels[/color][/size]
blood angels

You can find the full list of icons here. If there is something you would like to see added (including custom army icons!) please let us know. Not all the icons are perfect, but further changes and additions are planned.
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