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Sully #3586

+++ Date: 0448021.M41

+++ Ref: Wrp/130621/NTF

+++ By: Sullivan, Servitor

+++ To: All crew

+++ Re: STC upgrades

+++ Thought: Heresy grows from idleness.

Following the discovery of new STC data the notifications display system has been given a minor update.

Formerly those using data-slates could only access the notification and message count through sub-menus (see attached reference images)
Image Image

This system was inefficient, and my superior code the new STC data has allowed for a much more intuitive design (see attached reference image)

You may need to clear cached files in order to access this change - standard manuals can be found by following these links: Android Chrome - Android Firefox - iOS Safari

[Notifications are now easily visible on mobile! Notifications take priority over private messages when deciding which to display, but the bubble is clickable and will take you to the notification/message list. Sully is definitely a mindless servitor and didn't write any of the code itself - that way lies heresy!]
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