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For anything else unrelated to the hobby.
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Karak Norn Clansman #3327

Today I was kicked in the head by a flying boot. Was out tossing a tennis ball to my stepsiblings, aged 10 and 12. One of them was up on a small “earth cellar” hill, tossing the ball to her big brother down on the ground, who had a baseball bat. I fetched the ball for them.

I was walking away from the small hill, when I heard the girl yell something. I turned around, and was suddenly hit in the face by her boot. The shoe was loose on her foot, and when she dangled her legs about out of eagerness, it suddenly dislodged itself and flew through the air. It struck with surprising force and sent me knocked to the ground, glasses flying. No lense damage. All an innocent accident, but damn funny.

Tomorrow I’ll have to see if the optician can bend back the spectacle frame properly. If people wonder why I have a big bruise on my right cheek, I’m split over joking that an angel flew down and kicked me in the head, or say that a drone lost battery and fell down. :innocent:

Random event of the day documented. Do you have any fun little everyday stories to share? Please do so here if you like!
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James #3334

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Haha owch unlucky 😂
With lockdown ruling every thing here stories of actual things happening are hard to come by.
Only thing of note would be having my simple wine world shattered of late. I don't know much about wine except that I like most malbecs. But have tried a few malbec-syrah blends which were pretty good. Then the other day i tried a syrah by a brand that do good malbecs and i was like oh damn this is good!! So i was like ok new wine for me.
Spent about 15 minutes searching tesco for another syrah to no avail. The wifetobe comes over and googles it. Syrah = Shiraz 🤦‍♂️ what a wine noob am i.
So negative i wasted loads of time in Tesco, positive shiraz is super popular so opens up my wine habit massively 😀👌
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