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James #3475

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So me and @DW1986 decided to tot up our death guard points and i was quite shocked at the numbers... especially when @DW1986 thought he would only have "more than 2k" 🤣
So roughly my death guard is coming in at 5.4k

Anyone else wana fess up?
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ldubya344 #3476

500 points inquisition, painted poorly (3.5 army)
1700 of sisters painted, mixed bag, mostly full effort (4th army)
About 3000 of orks, another mixed bag, mostly poor painted but some things full effort (stompa full effort, still in production (Uggrim and Dwayne Da Grot Johnson are lazy gitz at the moment) 2nd army)
1000 of Custodes, mostly meh painting (painted alongside Inquisition, 3rd army)
About 1500 points of Space Marines/ Blood Angels (still on sprue :joy:)

I used to have 2000 of death guard but @DW1986 bought the vast majority off me.

I have too much... :joy:
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James #3477

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Haha impressive!!!
Im proud i managed to sell my 2nd army. Space wolves. Probably had around 3k! But I wasn't inspired by them so it felt good to get rid!!
I also have around 1500 points necrons mostly unbuilt. Around 1k CSM. I was starting a custodes army too 🤣
Would be keen to see some snapshots of your armies dont care if they're painted well or not. Cool to see the models either way 😏 ive seen a few pics of the orks but would love to see some more as i know you have some of the bigger units. I didnt realise sisters werent your largest army.

Im quite impressed with myself that 2.6k of my dg is actually fully painted 👌👌
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Axineton #3478

Think I have about 3000pts give or take of GSC. Just under 2000 of Tau and around a 1000 of Harlequins.
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James #3479

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Nice. Feel like you had more stuff @Axineton ? Or did you move them on?
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Axineton #3481

Sold all my deathwatch and unbuilt Primaris stuff about two weeks ago mate
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pawl #3491

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I don't believe in points. I like to quantify my collection based on how many boxes I need for the various sprues and bitz. 😁
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slybobs7 #3589

I don't know how many points I have (but its now something i might be looking into) I just know its lots.
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James #3590

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Ha always worth a check. Mine is close to 6k now I think.. And I don't even own morty yet
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slybobs7 #3593

Did some quick checks looks like I have the following (roughly)
Dark Angels - 6,500
Guard - 3,000
Death Guard - 2,200
Aeldari - 950
Orcs - 900
Necrons - 850
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