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Horus Heresy Preorder discounts
This post is just a few suggestions for stores offering discounts on the upcoming HH2.0 preorders. I make no guarantees about availability, nor prices. For each store I've taken discount rates as displayed in the store at the time of the latest update. If the prices you see differ that's down to the decisions of the store in question.

Some stores may have affiliate links - using these generates a small return for me at no extra cost to you, which will help with hosting costs for The Warp Storm.

If you know of a store not listed that are definitely offering a discount on the preorder, or your country isn't covered, please get in touch either here or on Twitter. Another alternative is to check my discount retailers list for any gaps in the list below.

To avoid having to list prices for every retailer I've drawn up this table. It shows retail prices for the UK, EU and US, as well as pricing points at a range of common discount rates. Minor variation is to be expected even from retailers that are offering these exact rates. The prices are taken from publicly available retailer price lists shared on Twitter.


The best prices in the UK seem to come from stores in England, though if you want to shop local I have added stores in Scotland and Wales. I've not yet found any stores in Northern Ireland to speak to - feel free to let me know if there's one you recommend!

Retailer: Hobby Workshop
Discount: 22.5% (plus 1% loyalty rewards)
Postage: Free first class over £75

Retailer: Kirton Games
Discount: 20%
Postage: usually free above £45

Retailer: Wayland Games
Discount: 20%
Postage: usually free above £20 (no bulky goods)

Retailer: Castle Comics
Discount: 20%
Postage: usually free above £75

Retailer: Firestorm Games
Discount: 15%
Postage: usually free above £40

Unfortunately discount rates in general across the EU are quite varied. In some countries I've been unable to find anything over 10% and thus they have not been included - in this case you might want to consider ordering from neighbouring countries (most offer reasonable postage within the EU) or from Wayland Games (not yet confirmed, but usually 20% discount), who offer DDP postage.

Retailer: Kelz0r
Discount: ~15-17%

Retailer: Aussenposten Tabletop
Discount: 20% (plus 2-5% loyalty bonus)
Postage: usually free over €100
Additional: €5 discount with code: E8CA9ED2

Retailer: Kutami
Discount: 20%
Postage: usually free above £100

Retailer: Dominio
Discount: 25% (plus 2% loyalty rewards)
Postage: "expected to be around €20"

Retailer: Goblin Trader
Discount: 15%
Postage: usually free above €70 (Spain) / €150 (Europe)

Retailer: Taffelridder
Discount: 20%
Postage: usually free above €70

Retailer: Strefa
Discount: 17%

North America
Retailer: CMO Games
Discount: 15%
Postage: usually free above $25

Retailer: Armada Games (FL)
Discount: 15%
Postage: usually free above $75

Retailer: Abyss Game Store
Discount: 15%
Postage: usually free above $200 before tax

Retailer: Gap Games & Hobbies
Discount: 21%

Retailer: Emerald Hobbies
Discount: 20%
Hobby Workshop