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Death to the False Emperor!
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Sully #3163

Hereticus resources

Forces of Chaos Lexicanum page || Chaos Space Marines Lexicanum page || Chaos Daemons Lexicanum page || Dark Mechanicum Lexicanum page

Name generators
Generic: Chaos Space Marine Warband
Specific: Nurgle Daemons || Death Guard character || Emperor's Children character

Conversion & alternative bits
Spellcrow Plague Legion

STL-only resources

Colour schemes
List of Traitor Legions & Renegade Astartes Warbands A-L || List of Traitor Legions & Renegade Astartes Warbands M-Z

Interactive painters
impcat: (guide) (resources) Chaos Marine, Death Guard Marine, Rubric Marine
B&C Online Painter

Death Guard Painting Techniques
Green Stuff Guide

If you feel that there is something we could add to this list, or if you have found a resource that is superior to one listed, please do let us know!
(note: in line with our Rules we will not accept links to recasters or STL recreations)
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