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Sully #373

While The Warp Storm is (and always will be) free for you to use, unfortunately it's not free to run. Prometheum, astropath and ammunition bills can quickly add up! Fortunately we've struck a deal with the Gods of the Warp (shh!) and they've said if you shop at Hobby Workshop using the banners between the first and second post in a topic or at the bottom of the page then they'll try and leave us alone as we journey through the Empyrean.

In all seriousness, while we're happy to pay to keep The Warp Storm running it would be nice if we had that money to spend on more models to paint badly! If you choose to use our banners then it won't cost you a penny more (and you'll still be saving versus buying direct from Games Workshop), and we'll get a small amount to help with running the site. To top it off should there happen to be anything left over once we've finished battling warp daemons then we could even use it for some community giveaways! 👌

For those that prefer to take their business elsewhere, we also have affiliate links for Element Games (referral code PAU6006 will get you double reward points), Wayland Games (plus sponsor code 2821903503 on registration to get an extra £1 off your first order), The Outpost, Kirton Games, Firestorm Games and Forbidden Planet in the UK and Aussenposten Tabletop in Germany (plus claim a further €5 discount with code 3C074F88)

As always, happy modelling, and be sure to show us what you're working on! 🎨
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