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Knoffles #3956

Hi I’m primarily a fantasy player (classic warhammer rather than AOS) who’s been hobby if since the late 80,s. Like many of my generation, Heroquest was my gateway drug.
I’ve also dabbled in 40K since 7th edition but was a huge epic fan back in the day and love the 40K lore.
I’m normally found playing at SELWG in south east London
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James #3957

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Hi Knoffles
Welcome in!
Good shout in hero quest. I loved that as a kid. I believe... @Axineton has ordered the new released one too 😍
Had to look up SELWG, Like that Google says its a religious organisation 😂
Look forward to seeing your models!!
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pawl #3961

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Hey hey! =]
I never had the money when I was younger for Epic or WHFB (due to being younger), and I still don't have the money now (due to mostly being broke), but I can dream!

Do you still collect, or are you more of a gamer now?
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the_real_iron_hand #3963

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Hello 👋

I lived Heroquest as a kid, used to love setting up the dungeon more than playing I think 🤔
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