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Pharia #2617

Hello! Im a 35 year old Norwegian who like you all loves this hobby!
It started when I was 12 years old and got my first "old school tactical marine space marine box ! With the cute rocket launcher and the marines just standing straight up with theyre bolter by theyre belly in file and rank position:p
Were im from well... we don't have that many places to get info on the hobby ofc now we have le internetz woop woop. But back then I had 0 places to gather information on how to use gw paints for instance so like many people it just got splatted on fastest way possible. And if it didn't cover everything then the answer was to just add more (undiluted) paint to the model. Ofc I wanted black and white armor:p so the black templars was king in my head. Who doesn't like crusdaing black knights when your 12 years old :p ofc my playstyle was rather defensive since my friend had Tyranids:S so didn't follow how they should be played but meh...

Anyway I had a long break from when I was 18 to about 2 years ago. Military service and a lot of moving. Then I moved back to where I grew up and started to paint again, but this time I'm older and really wanted to learn how to paint!
Registered on Duncans site start of December 2020, and one of the better things I've done. Learned a tons! But I've allso bought an airbrush.... dada!!!! Hehe at the start it was for priming, painting terrain and big objects like tanks and big flat areas really... though I know an airbrush can be used for so much more! At this writing moment im doing my bladeguard from indomitus. And asked at the forum at duncans academy if anyone knew anything about layering and blending colors with an airbrush. Got tipsed on this site so heer i am.

Whow that was long. I tend to type and talk a lot. So if ita to much then please et me know.

Yup thats me ;)

Oh currently painting my marines as raven guard (Can't resist that black and white armor mix :p
And I have a imp guard cadian army in the background

Ty og takk:D
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James #2618

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Hey Pharia!!
Welcome to TWS!
Nice to have another Skandi in the mix 😁

I think your back story is similar to alot of people, get into as kids with no idea what your doing and then rediscover it your 30s 🤣 clearly the best way!!
Feel free to stick a post into the astartes board showcasing your black templars/raven guard, those guys are awesome!!

Im a recently new airbrusher too. Well almost a year now. Slowly getting there ha. Its a love hate relationship with it at times. Which airbrush do you have?

Feel free to talk as much as you like, we all do and no one stops us 🤣
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pawl #2622

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Godt å se deg igjen! 😉

While I swapped chapters a few times (UM, BA, SW and then DA!) my hobby beginnings sound rather similar, up to taking a break and coming back wanting to do it properly!

James has already said that he knows a thing or two about airbrushing, but @Lovecraft0110 runs a YouTube channel on weathering, which might come in handy when you get round to your Guard tanks. 😁

The board should hopefully be easy to work and navigate, but there is a guide [boardguide]here[/boardguide] for some of our features. Anything you're not sure about drop us a line, or start a topic in the Bugs, Suggestions & Feedback forum. =]
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