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Axineton #441

Hello! Been back in the hobby for about 2 years now. Post regular on b&c as Axineton there.
Played a lot of kill team before the big lockdown and was getting ready to move back into 40k. I’m currently building a chaos knight army and a Harlequin army for 40k but I have a Ultramarines army ready to go when it’s all safe to play again. Also have a Deathwatch army that’s being rebased and the rest being painted but that’s on the back burner for now.

Hope this forum takes off be good to talk to other like minded people.

Oh yeah I love blood bowl too and I’m thinking of getting into the 2000ad game and Descent: journeys in the dark too.
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pawl #442

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Hey @Axineton! What pulled you away and back?
I've been lurking at b&c for years but only recently joined.

I love the Knight sculpts (they weren't a thing when I dropped out of the hobby) but I'm not sure that I could try and collect them - I would be tinkering with them forever!
What company did you go with for the UM? As a kid I painted a few as 2nd when I started as a kid, but I think if I ever painted any more I would have to ditch the yellow!

It would be nice if it did! I've been playing with it since October last year, but it's only been the last week or so that @Stephen and I have started dropping the link around because it's never been even close to ready! Unfortunately recent loss of earnings has meant that I've had to pull back slightly on the opening I'd hoped for - wanted to do a bit of a giveaway to get the name out there. Maybe Christmas instead 😁

I was quite excited when I saw that Blood Bowl had come back! Have a '99 catalogue from when I was a lad, spent ages looking at all the old metal that I couldn't have! Not that I would have time now I could afford it!

Either way, happy to see you here! You know how the whole forum thing works, but we have a few things that b&c doesn't - the [forumguide]guide[/forumguide] should fill in the blanks!

(oh, and if you're on mobile your notifications are top right, under your name. I'm working on making them more visible!)
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Axineton #443

Honestly? Booze, women, drugs and raves came around the same time as I was getting fully into the hobby in 1993-94 and I also was learning how to DJ so I gave this up then around 2008 I walked into my local gw and bought a few novels to read as I wanted some sci-fi. I didn’t have any contact with anything in the hobby until January 2018 when I just googled games workshop then I got back in big time. I had another little break last year as I was overwhelmed with all the projects I had on the go but I came back just before Christmas playing kill team with a few mates from my local gaming club.

I have 2nd company Primaris ultramarines but I never painted them. I bought the army on eBay as I really really really hate painting. I love building but painting I hate 😂
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pawl #444

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Entirely understandable! 😂
Still doing the Black Library thing? I'm working through the HH stuff, but at my current rate I'll be caught up some time around 2025!

Oh mate! 🙈 everything I've bought from eBay has been so I can strip it and repaint. I'm sure we can bring you round - there's nothing better than sitting down for three hours, getting next to nothing done and realising you're still not very good 😂
Any plans to paint the Knights or Harlequins? 😜
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Axineton #445

Na I’m not reading much from black library at the moment. I read about 20 books from there last year so I’m taking a break with some different sci-fi lol.

I’m in the middle of painting the knights and harlequins and posted on b&c today what I’ve done today. Could post here too I suppose.
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pawl #446

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You have to, otherwise you get bogged down in power-armour! Although I'm fairly certain there's an Ork novel on the horizon, which will make for a nice change of pace.

Can't say I've seen your name today, but then I've not checked the WIP/HOH forums thanks to the previews. Feel free to - if nothing else @Stephen isn't at b&c, and I don't think @JamesH is either. =]
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Axineton #447

I usually put my wips in the respective army forums otherwise they move down quick lol but yeah I might put them on here too tomorrow.
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James #456

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Hi @Axineton !
More of us nerds returning to the fold 🤣
I got back into it last summer. Dread to think what I've cash plunged back into it since.

Hope to see some of the knights you've got.. I will probably get one one day.. I'm sure it will happen.

Also guys... what's b&c 🤔

I've been reading horus heresy stuff too. I'm reading one of the salamander ones.. but I've been struggling to keep up momentum. Bout 45 books through it lol
I think gaunts ghosts has to be the best black library stuff may be the first 3 hh and fulgrim too.
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Axineton #475

Morning, I can’t sleep as there’s a helicopter above my bloody house he’s been there since 3am so I’ve given up and got up.

B&C is Bolter and chainsword mate. Another forum that’s been around for a couple of decades. It’s a great place if a little strict on what you post.
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James #478

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Ah ok I have seen a few posts for paint tutorials but I've not signed up!

Do any late night painting?
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