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The Old World to the Broken Realms
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Karak Norn Clansman #3190

Oxymandias over on Chaos Dwarfs Online has laboured lovingly to craft a webzine to touch on some highlights in the world of short, angry and bearded slavers during the anno horribilis of 2020. Check out the first issue of Brazen Bulletin if you like, but watch out for big hats! :)


The Brazen Bulletin walks in the footsteps of Word of Hashut, CDO's very polished webzine of 2008-2012. The Brazen Bulletin shouldn't be compared too closely to its illustrious predecessor, but the new torch bearer do make for some enjoyable reading with nice pictures! Thanks a lot to Oxymandias for his sterling work, and to all contributors who made it happen.

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pawl #3201

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I've not quite read cover-to-cover yet, but this really well put together! The design is nice (although the white armour tutorial was cut off a little), the content is varied and interesting, and even as someone with only a passing interest in the subject matter it was actually really quite engaging! Will this be a monthly publication, or a little less regular?

I also didn't know that PlanetOldHammer was a well-known figure - spoken to him a few times on Twitter and he's as nice as he is knowledgeable and enthusiastic!
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Karak Norn Clansman #3208

Oxymandias sends his kind regards:
Oxymandias wrote:Yeah Oldhammer is a bit of a legend haha. Lovely bloke and very knowledgeable about old school minis. I know him because I randomly helped him out with home school learning for his kids during one of the UKs Covid lockdowns (he put a shout out for help on twitter and I’m a qualified teacher with a silly amount of resources at my disposal haha) and we’ve been in touch since.

He tells me he’s planning to write us a 3rd Ed chaos dwarf marauder range retrospective for next issue!

Yes I think many pages have had stuff cut off which is such a bugger.

I think I’ve found out why. I proof read in publisher and then saved as PDF. Next time I need to read in PDF in case something strange happens when it’s converted

Tonight I’ll make an edited version even if it’s just for our website so we have a perfect version for posterity. The missing words version is very much out there in the ether now haha.

As far as regularity goes I’m going to aim to have another one done in three months time. No promises there. I won’t put out something half made or too thin. But I think three months is a good target to aim for.
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pawl #3215

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Well now, I wasn't expecting a reply! 😂

I've actually been away from Twitter for a short while (my hobby time has been focussed trying to get this place ready), but his depth and breadth of knowledge is truly impressive! Nice of him to help out, too!

As for formatting issues there's always teething problems, but I think they got away with it! 😁 I like the decision to stick with quality over quantity, too. Especially given that it's quite a niche topic trying to force things obviously would work.

The very best of luck though - I'm looking forward to the next one! =]
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