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ldubya344 #3282

Hi Guys,

Thought i would show off some of my Dwarfs a little bit today.

These are placed on a 40mm base to use as objective markers as i feel 3D objective markers make the game feel so much better, as your troops have something physical to aim for.

I hope you like Bugmansson, Im very proud of this paint job i did, although his table and base will be changed up for a better 3d Printed one i have coming as i built that one out of sprues and i just dont think it does the model and paint job justice. :grin:

The bottle and tankard that are on the table and under the table are both modelled out of greenstuff by myself. im not great at modelling and i think i got the scale off a little bit.

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pawl #3292

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This is superb! 😁 I actually quite like the table too, sorry!
The bottle might be a little on the large side, but (and excuse my lack of Fantasy lore knowledge here!) do the Dwarfs possibly have larger races that would be on the guest list?
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