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Demonstrations of skill, giveaways, maybe a game of bingo?
Requires 10 posts to participate.
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Sully #2469

Board Events rules

These rules are specific to the the Board Events forum, in addition to and on the same terms as the general board rules.

Rules for individual events will be posted in the relevant topics - these rules are to fill in any gaps not specifically mentioned. Anybody found to be trying to circumnavigate these rules may be barred from future events indefinitely.

In all events, unless otherwise stated, participants are limited to a maximum of one entry.

Participants are only allowed to submit their own work, unless cooperation with another board member/other board members is specifically called for.

While not a requirement, we encourage members to submit new works when taking part in events. Using an old model is fine, but building/painting something new for a competition just helps keep things fresh!

The Board Events forum is currently only fully accessible to those who have made 10 posts and thus gained Full Membership status.
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