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ldubya344 #3594

Hi Guys,

I have recently got my 9th Codex for my sisters, and what an absolute dissapointment thats been, to a point where im very tempted to just bail out of 40k completely.

I play bloody rose, which have in turn been nerfed with their +1ap on pistols being removed.
Meaning my Seraphim are pretty useless now, effectively a storm boy with better aim and more squishy.
Seraphim have also lost their increased range on deepstriking shots, meaning their melta pistols are litterally POINTLESS!

on top of all that, Retributors (of which ive just spent over 100 hours in total on an entire squad of them painting to the best of my ability.) have lost move and shoot, plus their strategem which actually makes them good (was +1D and +12" range for meltas)

Preists have lost their +1Attack in replacement for hymns that are only active on a 3+ (oh and you can choose EITHER OR, not both!!!)

Exorcist -1 W and -1 T, removing the reroll Strat for number of shots, non- LoS targetting is new but for 2CP!!! (horrendously expensive for something THAT SHOULD BE NONE LoS ANYWAYS!!!)

Among many other things. which i cant remember off the top of my head.

I am at a total loss, as although ive had some cool new things, litterally EVERY PART of my army that used to put a smile on my face has been nerfed to the floor.

Including the fact that Death Guard is my most common opponant im really not enjoying this hobby anymore. i was struggling before, and this codex update makes me just want to just hit screw it and melt them all, like GW melted my dreams...
I want to just take a break from sisters and move on to a different army, but 1, i feel so dirty for even thinking that, because lets be honest, its a scrub move. and 2, i wanted to get my sisters finished before i moved on, as im yet to complete an army fully.

But at the moment im sulking from my sisters, hopful that Vahl will help me not feel sad about the nerf shitstorm ive just been handed.
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James #3598

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Sorry to hear your frustrations dude. I think I felt the same way when I heard they were nerfing disgustingly resilient.
On positive it does sound like vahl is going to be unstoppable, and that she can go in regular detachments too being pretty epic, not needing supreme detachment.
Also hard to know till you play with the codex and see how you do, the guys on goonhammer said that sisters are still low tier 1 or top tier 2 army so still really good relatively.

Maybe have a little break and do some necromunda or bloodbowl? Something with 10 models or so as abit of a distraction!

Hopefully you'll feel less poop about the codex once you get to use it 👌
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RZA #4102

I have yet to use my Sisters of Battle. I primarily bought them to go on my shelf but have been considering using them in a battle once. But I don’t have a codex for them.
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