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Pharia #3110

Right so our first crusade game was played yesterday and it was a blast. We are using the crusade; pack into the Veil. And its imperium vs necron.
The necron force consisted of a lord, a royal warden, a full unit of immortals with gauss blasters and a 10 Man unit of warriors with gauss flayers.

My team consisted of a primaris chaplain, apothecary, a 5 man unit of assault intercessors with a power sword and plasma pistol, 5 man unit of infiltrators and a unit of suppressors.

I used 2 RP to increase my order of battle size and gave my chaplain a warlord trait. (We decided to roll for everything :p d2 to decide from which codex RG or Astartes and d6 for the specific trait) i got Swift and deadly! Hes Litany became mantra of strength

Survey and secure. 3 objectives
Debuffs : scattered deployment, -1 strength -1 to advance and charge rolls.
Attacker raven guard
defender necrons.
Agenda for raven guard: know no fear

I won the roll on who decided to go firs,t and decided to go first.
infiltrators were placed close to the middle objective but in cover
My chaplain got deployed far to the right away from everyone.... so a bad start. Good thing was that the necron had basically the same issue. Lord and ward got deployed together away from theyre force of warriors and immortals. My assault intercessors and apothecary got to deploy together. Suppressors got deployed middle field in the deployment zone

First round: got both my assault intercessors and infiltrators on two different objectives. Starting to secure them. Suppressors killed 4 immortals but 3 of em got back up again. I burned 1 cp for transhuman becouse the immortals and warriors who were looking straight at my assault intercessors. Immortals were buffed by my will be done and he used 1 cp for exploding 6 on em aswell. 3 intercessors dead.
2nd round. Mantra of strength active! Used 1 cp to ress one Intercessor getting them back to 3 models. I used 1 cp for a deadly price (RG strat) Moved my Suppressors over to take the objective of my intercessors, and moved them up for a charge. Moved infiltrators aswell to get a angle on the warrior/immortals blob ,this would get them into charge range of the Lord but they've done theyre job somewhat:p.More shooting, this time from allmost everyone except the chaplain. After some amazing rolls for necron fnp get back up again stuff..... there were only 3 models dead..... charged with the intercessors and got it! Wacked down 2 more, but both came back up again.
Necron backed away. Immortals was in range of the wardena Aura... didnt know he had this ability :s was a bit of a mistake from my part. Immortals and warden together killed off all except the Sergeant. Lord came into contact with the infiltrators and sliced em all except the Sergeant, killed nothing in return
20points rg vs 0 necrons
Turn 3 mantra of strength is cast again and made the roll! Disengaged with the infiltrator past the objective. Moved the chaplain into charge range. Aswell as the apothecary. Moves the supressors into a good spot to kill off some warriors. Killed of 1 in total
... hahahaha these rerrurection rolls that were made. Omg...
Lord walked over the boobytrap and took 2 mortals. Killed the sarge.
40 points rg 0 necrons
Turn 4:
The Sergeant assault intercessor is still alive:p mantra of strength is allso active! Killed some warriors and 1 immortal the suppressors moved and took out the Lord!!! Woop woop
The last assault Intercessor was finally killed after surviving 4 rounds of shooting and melee:p chaplain shrugged off everything the necrons could throw at him.
Turn 5:
Suppressors move to break line of sight to the warden. Chaplain killed 2 warriors. Both got back up again. Chaplain fell in necrons turn by gauss fire from the warden.
End result 50 points rg vs 0 necrons.

I was able to get quick board controll with going first. Allso I did a big gamble in charging with my assault intercessors without chaplain support after loosing 2 models out of 5, but it paid off. I missed the wardens ability to give a unit withdraw shoot and charge again buff ..... :p but had a bunch of lucky armor save rolls:d the necron warden allso flopped completely with hes rolls not killing a single model. I stopped the necrons in gaining any points giving me a complete victory 50/0. :D
These curses or Debuffs if you will are well crazy. Running around with s 3 marines is not fun :p

Bonus on the mission was 2 units instead of 1 can be mvp.
So I choose the assault intercessors and my Suppressors as they were the only unit to actually kill a unit :p

Agenda for me was know no fear and my assault intercessors scored 2 tallies and my infiltrators got 1 (2 xp for each tally) giving me a bloodied rank on the assault Intercessors. They got veteran warriors refill 1's to hit in melee;) all my incapacitated units made theyre out of action rolls except my apothecary who allso died in turn 4 by gauss fire. He ofc got a bad debuff. - 3 inches on all types off Aura abilities up to a minimum of 1 ".... so ye hes useless now :p need to spend a rp to remove that haha

Both players had a real blast and we can't wait for our next battle!
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James #3113

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Sounds great mate. Glad you guys had a blast. What are your army names?
How come your hq started in random places?
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Pharia #3117

My astartes army is called Strike Talon Aethon as the chaplain is called Aethon Vaanes and hes the leader of the Talon/strike force. They are based out of the strike cruiser "Emperors Claw".

The necron force is called "the eternal star". And its theyre home system, and they are slowly waking up.

The wierd deployment shenanigans is extra stuff from the crusade packs. Strategic setbacks, there are 3 different options here (disoriented approach, the one we got. Differed reinforcements, no deeps strike or anything until turn 3. And faltering deployment, you divide your army in three parts and then deploy each part every movement phase (reinforcement step of the movement phase)).

Afflictions 6 options here that are straight debuffs to your army or units.
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James #3118

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Great names!!

Ooh those sound good. Which book are they from? The crusade specific one?
I need to properly read the dg codex for the crusade stuff
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Pharia #3121

Haha ye. We are trying to make a story for each battle, in the eyes of the space marines and empire side of things as necrons dont really chat that much"" so heres the preliminary draft without changing much. Will write it better when i have more time, but this is written quick so we know what has happened. Most of the names of em all are there:p
Enjoy or hate idk ""
The battle for Argovan.
We came to Argovon. But our deployment zone was scattered becouse of the wierd signals coming from the nexus. We startet our scouting of the area and secured the different areas that were of information. Brother Sergeant Solaq saw the figures of metal skeletals, holding green glowing weapons while surveying one of the sites.He reported he's sighting to he's warlord brother chaplain Aethon: "Brother chaplain, enemy sighted. Going into defensive positions! for the Emperor!" And braced himself while giving a slight nod to hes brother's. Making use of the full might of theyre superior fysiologi! 2 of hes brother's where disintegrated and another got badly injured by the green glow cooming from the enemies weapons. Brother apothecary Tyrvus came and got him to hes feet again, giving him a quick stimulant directly in he's wound. Meanwhile the other members of the Talon had locked down another site and started to gather information of these wierd readings. Aethon ordered squad Solaq to hold them back! so the rest of the talon got more time to complete theyre mission! Brother Sergeant Estavo and hes suppressors flew over the battlefield raining down hellfire with theyre Accelerator autocannons, exploding parts and limbs of the metal xenos. though for everyone they gunned down, over half got repaired and grew back again. Aethon ran as hard as he could, focusing on hes anger for the xenos. The unclean. Heresy! resiting the mantra of strength, giving him a super human power of strength to destroy hes enemies. When he arrived it was just brother Sergeant Solaq left. standing in the midst of what seemed like thousands of human like metal skeletals, hacking and slicing on the assault Intercessor. Aethon charged into the melee. Killing several of the abominations, but they just came back up again. He needed to give hes Talon more time! suddenly in the midst of the carnage, brother sargeant Ordaris yelled over the vox that they were in contact with a bigger skeleton holding a scythe. he had slain all hes brother's in hes unit and was retrating past the objective. Aethon ordered Estavo and hes suppressors to abandon this melee and support Ordaris who did a tactical withdraw, and led the necron Lord right over the objective. the Lord was suddenly engulfed in a huge blast of fire and shrapnel by the boobytrap laid down by squad Ordaris. Ordaris watched in disbelief as the Lord came straight through, marching silently threw the smoke and fire. Only hes cape and some small details on hes armor was missing from the blast. Ordaris opened fire but hes bolts couldn't penetrate the xenos shield that stopped the bolts in mid-air, disintegrating before they could detonate. Right before he got sliced in half by the necron Lord, Estavo heard only: "Victorus out mortis", through the vox. Estavo jumped into position and saw the necron Lord striding past the bodies of hes fellow brothers. Without a moments pause he opened fire with hes accelerator autocannon. the Lord exploded in several small explosions of high caliber high explosive anti armor rounds. Aethon heard then over the vox "target eliminated". Aethon was fighting a loosing battle, but the point was not to win!. he needed to give hes talon time. Time for the tech marines on the strike cruiser emperors claw to get the information of the survey that hes strike team had collected. Then he got the message over the vox. "Brother chaplain Aethon, we have a preliminary data link and the packages are received". the last thing Aethon saw was another of those necron commanders, this time he was holding a sort of gun firing its green light at him. Aethon fell while he could see he's left hand disappearing in the light. With hes last breath he said :"for corax!"

Haha could be cool when I write it more in context and not just rambling :p we will see... ;)

Sry the book is a crusade supplement from gw called into the veil. I believe they will add another soon, with the dg as the antagonist;)

Wull have to make a slight change in which models im adding to by battle order next. I need a troop choice. And it will be a intercessors squad. Havent decided on theyre guns yet.... but im battling necrons and maybe some black legion marines in the far future... soooooo the normal Bolt rifle seems like the best choice against necron chaff, especially on small maps. Dunno what do you think @Badger_of_doom your a marine player?
Ive allso added Kasz Streng - Judicar and Vykus Klayde - company champion to the roster after the last battle!
Kasz and Vykus are regular sparring partners, and they are more than ready after the last battle. With allmost all theyre brothers who deployed got badly damaged!
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James #3134

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Woo great story. You'll have to get some inspiration from our resident writer @Karak Norn Clansman ! Hes got a topic in the 40k general furnished with lots of short stories based in the hives of the 41st millenium, may serve as some inspiration for you.

@Badger_of_doom is a son of rowboat girlyman!!
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Pharia #3194

Right. We played another game this weekend:D And I lost terribly haha :p I went with a more narrative force libby, assault intercessors, aggressors and assault marines. He useing a canoptek spider, overlord, warden, immortals and a unit of scarabs. A few pointers to myself: The new ressurection protocol in small games makes t5 1w models insanely strong!!!!! And if you add to that a ressurection orb with relic orb. Omg theyre nigh unkillable:p allso a really annoying strat for necrons is suicide scarab bomb with spider making new scarabs every round... hahahaha d3 mortals for every round with infinite scarabs cooming from the spider:p haha. Was fun but lost the game. Got mostly punished for not having anything really that could take out t5 models. (Though apart from plasma ie. Inceptors and hellblasters, primaris doesn't really have anything to counter t5 without going melee with -1 to hit ie. Fists or hammers.) Alllso for not having a hq unit that could contribute more in the melee;) next match will be next weekend;) I am sending a rescue party for the lost libby :D
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