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pawl #2393

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The badge award system is what I'm currently working on. Because I am a professional and definitely not lazy I'm doing this live (one day I'll sort out a dev system, I promise!) so you might notice some changes or things breaking.

At present I have moved the post time so that it displays next to the post id (top right of a post, #XXX) on larger displays, which frees up space for the badges to sit in the mini-profile. On smaller displays the post time doesn't currently show, simply because I haven't figured out a place to put it and keep things looking sleek.

Post ranks (currently the icons from the Force Org chart) will be getting a visual overhaul, as will the badges themselves.
Currently the biggest issue with both of these is clear display - mobile screens tend to be very crisp, but desktop/laptop browsers don't scale them down anywhere near as cleanly. This is something that I'm working on though, so leave it with me!

As always suggestions, thoughts and feedback are welcome! =]
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James #2394

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Ooh nice buddy!! Like the badge from mobile!
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