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Karak Norn Clansman #3328

It might be good to list all manner of 3D-printing companies for those without a 3D printer to turn to, in order to realize their modelling cravings into solid model form. Recomendations and warnings of avoidance etc. go here.

This thread starts small, but may hopefully grow bigger. Feel free to mod-update first post, delete if unwanted and so on. I took the liberty to post in Other Game Systems since I wouldn't have shared this unless it was of hobby interest.

- - -

Here is a tip on a 3D-firm catering especially to modelling hobbyists and larpers. Enter, 3D Printing by Steven: https://www.facebook.com/3DBySteven

This Swedish company ships to all countries around the world. I am a bit familiar with the lad who runs it, and knows him to be a meticulous craftsman.

Sharing here in case anyone without a high-end 3D-printer is looking to turn some of the many new 3D-sculpts into a solid reality in their hand, ready for painting and playing.
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