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RZA #4413

Hello, I need help forming a proper tournament list. I need help with Units, Stratgems, Psyker powers, Littanies. Below is what I currently have, I am 50 points over the Max.

Adeptus Astartes - Strikeforce - Grand Tournament ( 11CP - 2050PT - -50PT )
Adeptus Astartes Battalion Detachment ( 3CP - 1865PT )
SUB-FACTION: Blood Angels
WARLORD: Commander Dante (165)
TRAITS: Heroic Bearing
Lemartes (120)
LITANIES: Catechism of Fire, Exhortation of Rage
Librarian Dreadnought (180) Meltagun
PSYCHIC POWERS: Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius, Unleash Rage
Primaris Lieutenant (90) Master-crafted power sword, Neo-volkite pistol, Storm shield
RELICS: Archangel’s shard

Assault Intercessor Squad (100)
4x Assault Intercessor
1x Assault Intercessor Sergeant: Plasma pistol
Tactical Squad (215)
7x Space Marine
1x Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma
1x Space Marine: Grav-gun
1x Space Marine: Missile launcher

Death Company Dreadnought (140) 2 X Blood talons
Death Company Intercessors (120)
3x Death Company Intercessors: Heavy bolt pistol
2x Death Company Intercessors: Power sword
Furioso Dreadnought (125) Heavy flamer

Centurion Devastator Squad (265)
1x Devastator Centurion Sergeant: 2 X Lascannon
2x Devastator Centurion: 2 X Heavy bolter, Centurion missile launcher
RELICS: Master-crafted Weapon (Blood Angels)
STRATAGEMS: Angel Ascendant
Repulsor Executioner (345) Heavy laser destroyer, Icarus ironhail heavy stubber
Angel Ascendant (1CP)
Total Command Points: 4/15
Reinforcement Points: -50
Total Points: 2050/2000

I just need to finish painting my units before the tournament.
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James #4414

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Dropping some of the tactical marines may be the easy way 🤔
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RZA #4416

Ugh, Im so bad at making lists tbh
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James #4420

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Hard when there is so many choices 😂
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RZA #4423

Im looking at adding Cataphracii terminators to that list
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RZA #4437

My Death Company Veterans of the Watch
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