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£100 giveaway! 💰
Whether it's finishing off the new army you got for Christmas or helping stick to your "spend less on plastic" new year's resolution, there's nothing better than freebies from a hobby store! To that end we're starting the new year by giving away one hundred whole pounds (or other Imperium-approved credit tokens, depending on your location) to spend on hobby goodies! 😁

Our £100 giveaway will be broken down into sums of £60 (enough for a Stormraven), £30 (enough for some Intercessors) and £10 (enough for a few new colours to paint them with).

What do you need to do to get your hands on the prizes? Simply read and reply to the topic linked > HERE < (click it!). Although to be able to do that you'll need to be able to post in the Events forum, which requires a post count of 10...

The contest is running until the middle of February, so there's plenty of time to get involved!
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