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 14 May 2020, 13:34
Looking to put together a list of 3rd party manufacturers, and I'm looking for suggestions.

The list itself will be broken down into categories based on what a modeller is looking for. Currently I'm thinking; alternative heads, alternative armour (excluding helmets), alternative weapons/hands, alternative bases, conversion kits, full sculpts and misc.

Manufacturers can be listed in more than one category, and should have a brief description. Something like;

Category: Alt weapons/hands
Name: Conversion World
Link: https://conversionworld.de
Desc: Growing range of weapons (inc chapter-specific) cast in high quality resin.
Good for: Space Marines

Conversion World could then be listed in other categories in a similar manner.

I seem to bave lost my old list, so here's one I've quickly patched together:

Conversion World - mainly weapons, some heads and shoulder pads
Anvil Industries - conversion pieces, weapons, full sculpts
Puppet's War - alternative heads/helmets
The Mighty Brush - custom transfer sheets
Kromlech - ALL the Ork bitz (WAAAGH!), plus some other weapons and bases

As a note Shapeways in general does not count. Individual shops do, although I think maybe they should have a seperate thread as there's so many of them!
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore