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 11 May 2020, 15:07
Dark Angels successor chapter.
Early organisational layout, which I'm slowly working on.


"For the Lion, for the Legion!"

Chapter / Supreme Grand Master :: Zaraphiel
Grand Master of Librarians :: Raziel (keeper of secrets, angel of mysteries)
Grand Master of Chaplains :: Nakiros (nakir - the denier)
Master of Apothecary :: Rafael (god heals)
Master of Heralds ::

1st Company :: Black Armour, White :: Barachiel
2nd Company :: White :: Ophaniel
3rd Company :: Yellow :: Turiel
4th Company :: Red :: Lazareth
5th Company :: Green :: Samuel
6th Company :: Blue :: Arael
7th Company :: Orange :: Khamuel
8th Company :: Brown :: Azariah
9th Company :: Grey :: Thaumiel
10th Company :: Scout / Black :: Zuriel

Company standard bearers are titled Heralds, all carry a horn/bugle. Chapter standard carried by Lord Herald/Master of Heralds.

"Let your wings chase them to the ends of the galaxy, and your swords bring them their rightful justice. While the enemies of the First remain you shall be the heralds of our retribution!"
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