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Site Admin
 14 Nov 2019, 02:46
We've got a trello board for the actual list, but this is some of the stuff on it.

Rewrite dark mode css, extension default isn't great
A few permissions fixes
Better header image
Icons for Gen Hobby/product reviews
Adjustments to url colours
Making notifications easier to see on mobile
Adding video demonstration to guide (basically most videos are displayed automatically just from the link)
Probably a load of things we haven't found yet

Forum software upgrade - phpBB have released a newer version of their software than we're running, however this is intentional. The newest release isn't as stable as the one we're running, and has bugs that are still being worked out.

Server upgrade - when I have the money spare I'll be moving us to a new hosting provider, using a custom setup that is specifically designed to work for our software. There's some back-end stuff that I can't do currently which the move will allow. Nothing you'll notice, but at some point in the future there may be brief downtime while we move.
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Site Admin
 03 Jun 2020, 20:06
Added icons for Harlequin and Product Reviews forums, updated Tutorials & Guides icons (Ctrl F5 or delete cache to see the updated ones)

Image Image Image

Any others we're not fans of, or think could do with a tweak?Considering playing with Bugs next. Also wouldn't mind suggestions for Gen Hobby.
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