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ldubya344 #2958

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all having a good monday!

Im a little unsure with this so i thought i would start a thread so we can all have a chat about this.

Does anyone recommend where i could buy a Battle Mat from?

Im looking for a black and grey battle mat which is either a city layout or a burnt ashen wasteland. 4x4 in size.
Ideally i would like it to be mousemat material but happy to go with a different sort if its much cheaper.

Biggest issue is that i dont really want to spend £40 on a battle mat which isnt really what i want, plus for £40 i would rather just buy more minis.
I appreciate that spending the £40 now, means i will have something for years but it just seems like a lot of cash for not a lot really. i dont know if im looking in the wrong place or i just need to man up and pay the money.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Element Games - Wargaming Webstore
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James #2961

Weirdly I've been looking at the same stuff today!
I think element games looks to have some of the cheapest (and if you use the link through the forum it'll put some money into the upkeep of the site ^^).

As you say id really wana keep it cheap. One thing im trying to keep an eye on is facebook marketplace or similar. Ive got no issue with 2nd hand stuff, use eBay for alot of my minis so why not use it for terrain.

Then the other issue ive got it what size do i get 🤔 ideally 6x4 but then i cant actually use a table that big currently and playing on the floor will kill my back for sure.
3x3 would suit a table i have and new game moonstone... but then is it going to be a ballache for anything else to use it for 😬 hard to know.

There is diy vids on it. Using cloth and builders caulk stuff. But i wonder if cost would get high eventually for it to not look naff and i dont know if youd be able to get a nice rollable one or whatever.
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James #2965

That looks like a nice mat. Tempted myself!!

I think you just use the link through the forum. @pawl any codes your aware of?
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pawl #2966

ldubya344 wrote: 15 Feb 21, 14:08 @James

I agree, talking about Element Games i think ive found one which i will be picking up on payday i think, since they are on back order.

Think this will go quite well with my battle sisters :grinning:

https://elementgames.co.uk/wargames-and ... -4x4-cloth
https://elementgames.co.uk/wargames-and ... -4x4-cloth

What is the best way to get it through the site? is there a code or anything?
Both are good but I prefer the second. =]

Use one of the banners (bottom of the page, or between first and second post). Also, if you fancy double the reward points use the code in my signature in the 'coupon' box. =]
(yes I know, I'm breaking my own rules 😂)

ldubya344 #2967

@James @pawl

I have clicked on that but it points me towards the element games GW page, which im happy to use, but would rather know 100% that im supporting the page rather than thinking but having done something wrong.

Also double points does sound tasty 😝
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pawl #2968

Yeah, I sent it there just because that's what most users would be heading for - it'll still know you've come from here. It just adds a cookie - so long as you don't have somebody else's saved it'll work. =]

The extra 1% does add up if you're anything like me and go through phases of trying to buy everything you can see 😂
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Axineton #3027

I can’t recommend gamemat.eu enough. They do excellent mats for pretty much everything.
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Element Games - Wargaming Webstore