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Contrast Astartes

Posted: 11 Sep 20, 09:05
by pawl

Here we go @James and @Badger_of_doom, Contrast on Marines!

Watch the very start of the video, the first two layers of blue. You'll see that he's applying it quite thin, removing any pooling, and generally using it like a 'regular' paint. Not quite "one thick coat"!
The results are undeniably very impressive, however I think that is simply because he is a talented painter rather than because Contrast paint is an easy way to do things.

If you look around there are plenty of examples of people trying to use contrast on power armour using the suggested methods, and it doesn't often turn out well!

Re: Contrast Astartes

Posted: 11 Sep 20, 10:34
by James
Very heavy metal style! But its amazing for sure