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Lovecraft0110 #896

Hi all!

My name's Enrique, and I'm located in Hannover, Germany.

Looking forward to sharing hobby ideas with you guys!
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pawl #898

Welcome aboard!

Feel free to post your videos up, you know how it works! =]
(you don't need any tags - the link will generate the video for you!)
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James #903

Hi Enrique!
On your vid you said you been painting since 95? Have you still got all your miniatures from then?
What factions are you mainly interested in?
Also I was curious to know what the 40k and games workshop scene was like in continental Europe? Sorry lots of questions 😊
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Lovecraft0110 #906

Hey guys!

Many thanks for the warm welcome. I didn't know if posting my own videos would be too spammy, so thanks a lot for clearing that up.

@James Yes, I started painting in '94, at the same time as I got into RPGs (D&D, Call of Cthulhu, and Cyberpunk mostly). Back then my Fantasy army of choice was Orcs & Goblins. And yes, I actually still have the Wild Orcs and Gobbos I painted then, back at my mum's in Spain. They are pretty lame! I remember painting them super meticulously, only to look at the pictures on White Dwarf and feel really dismayed at the difference. That actually made me quit in frustration, and I just kept playing RPGs. For years I continued buying WDs every now and then, and I kept dreaming about starting my own armies, but it wasn't until 7 years later that I would try again, this time with Dark Angels. I painted a squad, was again really disappointed with the results, and once again I quit. Yes, seriously.

Fast forward to 2008. I was then a teacher (I still am), and two of my students separately wrote in an essay about themselves that they played Warhammer (one Fantasy, the other 40k). This made me think that perhaps I should start a Warhammer club at my school , which I did. And it was in order to teach kids how to paint minis that I actually, finally learnt to do it myself. In the last 12 years I have basically taught about 140 kids from very different backgrounds how to play and paint 40k, 30k, Fantasy, and Blood Bowl, as well as D&D.

So, that's the story of my hobby life, lol.

As for your other questions: :grin:

I've always been interested in Space Marines, Tyranids and Chaos, never liked Necrons (I have the WD issue when they appeared), I hate Tau, and I love the Old World and the original, pre-Primaris 40k setting.

As for the continental Warhammer scene: as a teenager in Spain, all my friends played Blood Bowl, some played Necromunda, some played Space Hulk, also Advanced Space Crusade and Advanced Heroquest, but nobody I knew had Warhammer Fantasy or 40k armies. I have since talked to others my age in Germany and they reported the exact same thing. Probably to do with price of entry, and the time and effort requirements to paint up an army.

Wow, that was a looong rant!


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pawl #908

Anything that is helpful, informative or just generates a discussion is more than welcome! =]

Completely understand why you quit! When I first started painting at 9 or 10 I had significantly more enthusiasm than ability, and while I was happy for a while I quickly got both bored and disheartened. I ended up with plenty of models that had been Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and then Dark Angels, and when I realised that none of them actually looked good I found that almost nothing ever got finished. That carried on almost the whole way through my time in the hobby, until somewhere between five and ten years ago when I dropped out completely. I would occasionally look at B&C or the official site, but it wasn't until the backend of last year that I had any real interest, and until lockdown in the UK that I picked up a brush again. With the extra knowledge, ability to invest in tools and willingness to try new techniques I'm sure I can make it work this time!

Did you never want to bring your Orcs into the future?

Much as I feel like I 'should' dislike the Primaris generation I find it very difficult because the models are (for the most part) just so damn pretty!
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Lovecraft0110 #913

Yeah, the main thing is having fun. There's no point if it's just a drag.

As for Orcs/Orks...only in Blood Bowl, really. One thing I really regret is having sold Gorkamorka, though. That, I would happily paint and play now.
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James #923

@Lovecraft0110 I think we've all been there with getting frustrated at the hobby and giving up! I think it's especially hard when your young because you really have no idea that the way the models are advertised are pro paint jobs basically..
My 40k origin story is pretty similar to @pawltest really.. I find this time around the wealth of knowledge like YouTube and forums like this really had made the difference this time, so much easier to learn what the hell you should actually be doing!

Love that you had a warhammer school club!! That's totally awesome. Do you still game with former students?

Again same with @pawl feel like I should dislike primaris but the whole new 8th setting is where I've really got into and taken the plunge by myself and gone into a gaming store and played with strangers, so good old primaris can't be all that bad altho they are super generic... I'm hoping story arc wise it's going to lead to some sort of civil war between primaris and regular marines! Probably won't.

Oh man I remember gorkamorka. The miniatures were amazing!
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Lovecraft0110 #935

Hey James,

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. The difference between pro-paint jobs and reality can be really disheartening for kids.

It's not that I had a warhammer school club - I very much still do. :grin: And yes, I play with former students from time to time.
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James #947

I think it's disheartening to adults too haha.

That's amazing. I'd love to see what some of your students are painting? Any budding golden demon winners?
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Lovecraft0110 #973

Well, one of my students has now surpassed me in every way. He can do all the weathering stuff, is much better at airbrushing, and can also do all the 'eavy metal stuff. He keeps painting the same units I do, though, the bugger :grin:

I have a pretty good, for my standards, World Eaters apothecary...he just did one which blows mine out of the water...:joy:

Unfortunately for child protection reasons I can't share any more details.
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