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Blast from the past!

Posted: 21 Jun 20, 12:52
by James
So today I managed to pick up my old warhammer boxes from the mid to late 90s when I was around 9 or 10. Please forgive the Dalmatian print blood angels vehicles.. I thought they were totally boss at the time!!
I cannot forgive the awful conversions... poor mephiston and poor dante....
There's mostly space marine stuff here. With some sister's of battle. Abit of ork stuff. And I think I managed to pick up some fairly well painted eldar back when eBay was in its infancy and you could get bargains very easily.
I'll get all the bits out for the "big reveal" later 🤣

Re: Blast from the past!

Posted: 21 Jun 20, 14:58
by pawl
Happy days, plenty for the stripping tub! 😜

I'm counting a Rhino, a Whirlwind, maybe a Predator or a Razorback in the middle? (basing that on the flat hatches at the front)
At least 10 metal scouts (standard box, bolters, shotgun, snipers, heavy bolter!), nearly a full Command Squad, what I think is an RT-era Terminator Captain, Catachan Captain/guardsmen (love those sculpts, mine need some love!) and the previously mentioned characters... Plus what looks like the body from an old Fantasy Knight?
That in itself is quite a haul, even without anything being hidden!

And having one last look I've seen the speeder hiding in the depths too, nice!

Re: Blast from the past!

Posted: 21 Jun 20, 18:47
by James
You know what I don't even remember what the third tank is... I only remember having the two 🤣
The red box is pretty deep too so alot in there to get excited about.
I may use one of the tanks for conversion project for a nurgle rhino which I showed you before.
Not sure what I'll do with the rest as I'm not so keen on all the metal these days!!! And I like all the shiny new stuff haha.

Re: Blast from the past!

Posted: 21 Jun 20, 20:37
by pawl
Thinking about it, it can't be a predator as both variants had the turret to the front. So that narrows it down to rhino (with flat hatches), Razorback, maybe another Whirlwind?
I'm looking forward to seeing what you've found!

Being a classic sculpt it would fit in well with a Chaos force as a Heresy relic. 👌
And the old metal stuff is a pain to work with, but I like it just for the nostalgia factor.

Oh, and about that Whirlwind - I'm going to need a copy of that front top plate and the radar dish! 😜