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Hello all!

Posted: 12 Jun 20, 17:07
by Evil Eye
I'm Evil Eye. Some of you may know me from the Bolter and Chainsword, in which case no explanation needed. If not- I'm a British lout from the Norfolk area who cannot stop starting new projects. Finishing them, less so...

My first love was and always will be Tyranids, but due to the worst case of hobby butterfly syndrome ever I have started countless other projects- mostly Chaos related, but also an AoS Gloomspite force. I'm also a very slow painter, as my dismally small catalogue of finished minis can attest.

Aside from wargaming, I'm into general modelling, arty things and a bit of writing here and there. I'm also a shameless weeb, so that's a thing.

Anyway, it's good to have another place to talk about this sort of thing, and I look forward to posting here!

Re: Hello all!

Posted: 12 Jun 20, 17:18
by pawl
Ahoy! I recognise the name, but that's about it if I'm honest!
With you on having butterfly syndrome! Before my break from the hobby I don't think I actually properly finished a model in years. Started enough though! Convinced that I'll be able to beat it this time round though. Maybe throw some photos our way and we'll just kick you until you do the same?!

Either way, welcome! You've probably already seen the "we're not quite finished" banner - the board is very slowly getting there, but it should work. I'm sure you know what you're doing, but the forum guide tells you about some stuff that B&C doesn't do. 👌

Re: Hello all!

Posted: 14 Jun 20, 00:28
by James
Welcome to the forums bud!
You can start spamming the WIP board with never to be finished projects just like myself 🤣
Would love to see some nids in the house. I really hope they get some new miniatures some day!

Re: Hello all!

Posted: 28 Jun 20, 23:56
by Stephen
Welcome! :) All us Brits are louts, no need to explain.

I don't have an issue finishing a model, starting it is my problem, there's always a newer and greater idea and so nothing gets done :joy:
pawl wrote: 12 Jun 20, 17:18 Before my break from the hobby I don't think I actually properly finished a model in years.
Pretty sure I've only ever seen you finish one model, and that wasn't even for you, it was a Guard Lieutenant for a buddy of mine :grinning:

Re: Hello all!

Posted: 29 Jun 20, 00:44
by pawl
Some Guard in general did if you don't count bases, but yeah!