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Monthly painting incentive

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Re: Monthly painting incentive

by James » 16 Jun 20, 23:38
Great idea mate. Im due to get one big one done. Maybe something little too!!! Looking forward to it.

Monthly painting incentive

by pawl » 16 Jun 20, 22:31
So! Thought that I might start a little painting incentive. Nothing major, no awards or anything, just a public incentive to start and finish at least one model in a calendar month.

Mostly for people who (like myself) are slow painters, or tend to jump around and never get anything done. "Just 1 Model" would be a sticky thread each month where members would post a picture of the model they want to put forward (undercoated at most). It would then be visible to everyone else, so that there's a place to post updates and encourage others.

It might not be much, but a single finished model is one more than none, and for many that's more than they tend to finish! And obviously if you can manage one then why not more? 😁
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