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Piety and Pain

Posted: 08 Mar 21, 15:45
by ldubya344
Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well.

Does anyone / know anyone who would be interested in the Drukhari portion of the Piety and Pain box set?

Currently looking at buying the box set and going halfers on it with someone else but send them the Drukhari portion.

Happy to discuss details with the person, but currently im looking at a 50/50 split.

Let me know :-)

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 08 Mar 21, 15:57
by James
Not sure if we have any Drukhari players here bud 😭
Not to say one of us nerds wouldn't just get them anyway. Pawls always starting new armies 😂

Wonder if there any Portsmouth flgs fb group? I know some of my northern scum flgs do. Could ask and see? Save on posting again then too.

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 08 Mar 21, 17:07
by ldubya344
hi @James
good shout, so far no one is interested, so im very tempted to just buy the box set and paint some of the models and maybe sell painted as a bit of a commission job. we shall see though, thanks for the suggestions though.

If anyone is interested or anyone anyone knows is interested give me a shout :grinning:

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 08 Mar 21, 18:39
by Axineton
@ldubya344 are you on Facebook mate? If so you could always join the Havant & Waterlooville war gaming page. Might be someone in there that might want the drukhari half.

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 14 Mar 21, 17:47
by pawl
I'm not in for this one @James! I used to quite like the old (maybe current still?) Drukhari jetbikes, but I've no plans for major plastic expansion currently!

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 14 Mar 21, 20:50
by James
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Are you feeling well Brother?

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 15 Mar 21, 13:50
by pawl
It's a concern, I confess.

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 16 Mar 21, 18:49
by ldubya344
I’ve managed to find a fella at work who is up for halfers so I’m happy.

@pawl can you ever have too many minis tho? :grin:

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 24 Mar 21, 11:45
by pawl
ldubya344 wrote: 16 Mar 21, 18:49 @pawl can you ever have too many minis tho? :grin:
No, but not everybody agrees with that! 😇

Re: Piety and Pain

Posted: 28 Mar 21, 13:42
by ldubya344
So, the new battle sister Paladine model didn’t include a power level or points cost.

3rd time GW has screwed sisters players since release.

1) Boxset - “limited edition, never to be printed again”. They reprinted it twice...
side note: so for limited edition models, they are ALL in the imperium magazine, so yet another lie from GW. Would be included as no. 3 but I’ve already been told I am petty for including that as a number.

2) 6 months after releasing the battle sisters 8th codex, they revealed 9th.
side note: Making my “limited” edition codex, and all other 8th battle sister codexes worth next to nothing.

3) releasing a pay walled new model, unplayable due to not releasing points for her or a power level, and not telling anyone prior, or fixing it on the day of release...
Prior to this they originally advertised “7 Retributor sisters” leading you to believe you get 7 sisters, you actually get 4 sisters, a superior, and 2 cherubs.
side not: paywall, because you can only get her in an expensive box set, with 2 additional units, which are literally 2 of the best and most iconic units, which you probably already have, if you collect and play battle sisters, with another army in the box set.
Bare in mind that all this is within 15 months of them releasing the codex and army update...

On top of all this, the nova event exclusive model for 2019 was a cannoness, again “exclusive model, the only way to get this model is to attend the nova open 2019 event”, that model was included in my battle sister box set and in the first wave of those box sets, but totally wrong to the one that was pictured on the box...
the instructions where also an additional leaflet...

I am lost for words with all this and I’m so disappointed.

What do you guys think?