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Gunky varnish

Posted: 30 Jun 20, 02:45
by James
I don't know if this is normal or not....
But when I use my Matt varnish through the airbrush, although it does the job as required, it seriously gunks the hell out of my airbrush and I have to spend a good half hour cleaning it.. and I'm probably not cleaning it aswell as I should be.
I've only ever used two. Gauzy agent which was fine no issues (but a gloss) and the offender in this.. alclad klear kote.. ... ss-alc310/
If you look at mine it's solidifying in the bottom of the of the bottle.
Is this for the bin!? I don't know but cannot be arsed cleaning my airbrush like that again! Serves me right for going for the cheapest varnish element games had to offer.
Here's a pic of it varnishing my airbrush effectively.
I'm only using this as a varnish in between stages to protect airbrush work... so I'm wondering if I can just use the gloss instead that I know is fine... just not sure how the finish would look