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Sully #212

Account security

Keeping your account secure is both very important, and also the responsibility of individual members. The Warp Storm uses phpBB software which is, in theory, relatively secure. However an easy to guess password will not stop a third party from accessing your account. We recommend using strong passwords (upper and lower case, numbers and symbols) that are unique for both your forum account and associated email account. Services such as 1Password can help with this.
In the event that a member account is compromised, The Warp Storm makes no promises that the account can or will be recovered or returned to its rightful owner.
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Sully #216

Using emoji in posts

While many might be posting from mobile devices with easy access to an emoji list, many will be using larger devices that might not have emoji support built in.
For those in the latter scenario, if you want to use emoji in your posts we have you covered!
Simply type : and an emoji pop-up will display.

Typing what you want will allow you to select specific emoji.

You'll also notice that the above screenshots featured an E in the top right corner of the text box. Clicking this brings up a quick-select box, like so:


And for those of you that have native emoji support, adding them to your messages as normal works too! 👌
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Sully #2466

Embedding videos in posts

Embedding videos in your posts is incredibly simple - simply paste the link into your post, and the board will convert the link into an embedded video automagically!

Here are three link format examples showing video embedding, and how to stop your videos from being embedded when you don't want it to happen:

Video embed
Code: Select all
https://youtu.be/r-Mt7Tveca4 (OR) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Mt7Tveca4

Video link
Code: Select all

Video link, custom text
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[url=https://youtu.be/r-Mt7Tveca4]Your text here[/url]
Your text here

While YouTube is the most common video source, the board should be able to handle videos from most popular video hosting websites, such as Twitch, Vimeo and Twitter.
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Sully #3595

Uploading an avatar

Uploading an avatar at The Warp Storm is fairly simple - the board does some nifty things to turn almost any image into a suitable avatar.

Your image should be a .jpg or .png (transparency is supported!), no bigger than 5000x5000 pixels in size, and no larger than 6.5MB
This should cover you for images taken directly from most phones or cameras without having to reduce the filesize.

When you upload your image in the edit avatar section of the UCP the board will then work a little magic. It will resize your image so that it will fit the board's display sizes, it will compress your image so that it doesn't take forever to load, and it will square off your image so that it doesn't appear warped or distorted.

It's recommended to use an image that's at least vageuly square - on tall or wide images the cropping system will try to pick the most interesting point to focus on, but the process isn't perfect! If you're using a phone then cropping should be easy enough, but for those on larger devices it might be helpful to have a look at this section of the Guide on editing pictures.
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