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Aeronautica imperialis

Posted: 01 Jun 20, 00:38
by James
Just seen they are finally doing some more with aeronautica ... s-of-fire/

I managed to pick up the first box set pre lock down and forced my Mrs to play with me a while back.

Does anyone else play/own/collect other gw specialist games?

I'm wanting to dip my toes into necromunda just needing to strip that gang and start again. Also got a boxed blood bowl team.

Re: Aeronautica imperialis

Posted: 08 Jun 20, 00:51
by pawl
I've always liked the idea of futuristic dogfights, both in the style of AI and Battlefleet Gothic, but it's always been another thing to never get round to collecting or painting.
If I ever did get around to it I think it would purely be as a "for fun" side project, or so I could say "look, my 40k army also has X, isn't that cool?" rather than so I could play.

How did you get on? 😂

Re: Aeronautica imperialis

Posted: 08 Jun 20, 01:10
by James
I think I beat me Mrs at this as I think she lost interest pretty quickly! However she absolutely crushed me when we had a little skirmish with 40k. Used my helbrute to great effect.

The game mechanic for AI is really good though. Each turn you both choose a manoeuvre for all aircraft in secret. And then you can take it in turns to reveal and then do the manoeuvre and you control speed and altitude based on the planes stats. So it's kinda like trying to predict where the other players planes are gna end up.
I mainly got it cos I loved the models! As with most things....

I don't know if I'll bother getting the new set that's come out.. I'll probably wait and see if people play it much after lockdown!

Re: Aeronautica imperialis

Posted: 08 Jun 20, 10:30
by pawl
Gotta love an unwilling opponent 😂

That's actually quite cool, like that a lot! It's a shame that something similar couldn't really work for 40k, because you wouldn't be able to react properly (shooting units moving between two pieces of cover, for example).
The models always come first! 😂

Re: Aeronautica imperialis

Posted: 10 Jun 20, 00:18
by James
Yeah I'd defo like to play more. I think there's a few people who play at my flgs.
I do like the tau ships.... so maybe I will get it haha